Lumber price rises ceaselessly Shenyang furniture rises in price 10%

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Since close period of time, attentive consumer can discover, when buying furniture " cut price " become difficult. Previously, consumer newspaper gives face about of a 50% discount price to go, assistant most can call you, but now, meet without a few assistants such. Ask its the reason, they express: "This price, connect cost insufficient. " since this year, because lumber price rises ceaselessly, bring about furniture to rise in price generally.

Come day after day, the reporter visited household of Shenyang much home to sell a discovery early or late, sold furniture of brand of the great majority inside field to rise in price. Agent of some brand furniture says, major woodiness furniture rose in price, real wood furniture goes up the most quickly, it is OK that order is returned originally, but in July when the goods on end, manufacturer went up to our stock price a lot of. Although sell the price of a furniture the lot,did not alter now, but when talking about price with the client, hit discount also was reduced.

According to reporter understanding, shenyang is major furniture goes up in 10% the left and right sides. Of real wood furniture go up in 20% the left and right sides, an original price bed of 3200 yuan Yu wood arhat, now under 4000 yuan did not sell; And other the furniture that makes raw material by lumber goes up be in 5% , 10% between. This is furniture line of business in recent years " most concentration " rise in price. Rise besides raw material, content shedding, store etc labour cost also is rising. And the production of furniture, sale is moving toward high-quality goods to change, also be to cause an immanent cause that rise in price. House price is rising now, the housing sales volume of parcel area is considerable, this also is pulled changed furniture requirement.

According to the convention of furniture industry, annual " 11 " before, each old furniture factory is met the product Qing Dynasty of an inventory is empty, change a batch of new products, but major this year businessman is mirrorred generally, of furniture of new August fund on price of goods is valuable. And the brand distributors that did not rise in price individually says, afterwards last year September rise in price after disturbance, the price has moved certain extent, if rise in price blindly, of consumer bear ability and enthusiasm affirmation should suffer an effect, the pressure that if we return capable get down to rise in price this,brings, do not add consumer body as far as possible.

Below this kind of circumstance, consumer puts in the look in real wood to stick leather furniture to go up again, competition is more and more intense also, bring about the businessman that makes this kind of product to also be in grow in quantity. Because compare the class on paster furniture,real wood sticks leather furniture, the price compares petty gain of pure wood furniture again, so very the favour that gets masses customer. Consumer says, the furniture that sticks a skin compares the petty gain of pure wood, fear to do meeting trouble daily namely, but rise integratedly consideration, performance/price ratio is higher still.
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