5 times purchase card floor consumes a floor or enjoy a floor

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A consumer buys emperor 5 times to resemble a floor

On July 21 morning, the floor is resembled in emperor hand in hand triumphant dragon of red star beauty rolls out " 2 hours of special offer are sold madly, special performance of floor of freezing point indulgence " mobile spot. When like general manager of group Sichuan company when emperor Zhu Ling flower is one Ms. Yang to sign sheet, this consumer Xiang Zhuling flower those who showed to let her touch very is special " gift " : Buy emperor 4 times to resemble the sale proof of the floor. Add this, she has been 5 buy emperor to resemble a floor.

Consumer buys holy elephant 5 times, be consume in the floor, still enjoy a floor? Ms. Yang accepts a reporter to interview say: "5 times outfit room decides 5 times to choose emperor to resemble a floor, at the outset I choose emperor to divide holy elephant to having beauty of brand of the first floor like the floor praise besides, believe emperor resembles character kimono Wu namely, fast 10 years, the floor board that installs at the beginning of my family belongs is good still still, should hold new building recently I chose emperor naturally to resemble " . Rise now, holy elephant provides the chamberlain type service that has excellent product and nice in a subtle way for the client not only, more all emperor established emperor to resemble home like the client, this is the service platform of client of a prefectural commissioner's office, emperor resembles a client besides enjoy due floor to serve, the music that still can play emperor to be organized like home according to his be fond of admires healthy and meeting, outdoors activity, psychological lecture, educational lecture, the thematic activity such as lecture of conduct financial transactions.

Emperor promotes an industry service standard like home

Pay close attention to only in many building materials enterprises depreciate, when sales promotion will attract customer, emperor puts more consideration on the old client body that had bought a floor board however like the floor, since July 15, "Emperor resembles home " this individual client serves platform, put forward in industry of building materials household first, developed two themes activity quickly, the serve time after holy elephant will make work and space undertake infinite and outspread, let consumer feeling get buy truly, all one's life the humanitarian care that gets holy elephant surmounts a floor. "Emperor resembles home " organized old client to attend freely early or late " Meng Dingshan Chang Xiangqing's new stay away from home " , invite doctor of project of MBA of Beijing University international, China Li Hui of people college professor begins emperor to resemble home " close child summer camp " , to elegant how, the client parent with renown hill, full day and child are told accuse life plans, this kind of humanitarian consideration that surpasses a product serves mode, get the great self-identity of consumer. And " choice, show loving care for all one's life " acceptance, experience of client of elephant allowing emperor arrived to get army the sincerity of the enterprise and glamour, clearer sense gets healthy, joy and close affection. And the language expression that emperor also uses guileless like the client gives what they resemble to emperor to love. "My choice is complete appreciation, holy elephant is worth me to be doted on all one's life " , " the home has holy elephant, happy and in good health " , " have house choose emperor to resemble surely " .
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