Floor hardware is neat rise in price decorate the market off-season not weak

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Although near season of intermittent drizzles in the rainy season in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River, belong to among a year decorate off-season, but reporter 14 days from " very beautiful home " wait for know of building materials supermarket, rise with what decorate artificial charge as price of packaging building materials, many astute Shanghai people show this year " decorate do not avoid Huang Mei " , supermarket of a few building materials was hit even " decorate do not rise in price artificially " sales promotion advertisement, attract the eyeball of consumer.

As we have learned, begin from last year, fittings of paint, emulsioni paint, cement, plank, hardware decorate material to begin to rise in price ceaselessly. Since this year, suffer international market nonferrous metal to rise in price influence, the material such as electric materials and appliances, hardware goes up especially fierce. According to " very beautiful home " purchase chief introduction, their door inn appeared last month the unusual situation that electrical wiring raised price 3 times in January, and the hardware data such as hand of faucet, doorknob, the means that manufacturer basically tastes newly through rolling out, mask the essence that raises price. Price of real wood floor goes in ascendant passageway all the time, with compare first quarter this year, current price rose about 10 % again, and timber plank also has distinct range rise in price.

The expert warns customer, below the circumstance that rises in price in electric materials and appliances, hardware and real wood floor, consumer should have sober head, avoid to be hit by certain manufacturer " low card " be puzzled, cheap electrical wiring contains copper the amount is small, resistor is tall, bad news report returns incidental accident greatly, because this consumer had better purchase brand product; And when consumer is purchasing real wood floor, had better purchase a country to avoid check product.

Additional, the reporter returns understanding in interview, the artificial charge that decorate also is in rise in price, very beautiful home decorates group team leader to tell a reporter, artificial charge wants than before probably expensive 10 % .

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