Blow of bamboo floor tycoon " time attack " home market bugle

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On August 25, china is light industrial association of interior decoration of federation, China awards Zhejiang to save An Ji county " of Chinese bamboo floor " title, become the area that industry of data of domestic interior decoration wins characteristic area honorary title first times. The expert says, blow of this adumbrative bamboo floor tycoon " time attack " the bugle of home market.

According to An Ji statistic of association of prefectural bamboo industry makes clear, 2005 the end of the year, floor of the bamboo that install auspicious produces an enterprise to share many 200, the company that has dimensions quite among them has more than 40, crop makes an appointment with 6 million square metre. Come nearly 3 years, floor of the bamboo that install auspicious has a list of names posted up of industry of country of the crouch that lead hero with the market of 50 % above continuously head. This year, federation of Chinese light industry and the expert that association of Chinese interior decoration organizes relevant domain, scholar undertook assessing to manufacturing industry of An Jizhu floor, the development state that joins industry of domestic bamboo floor undertook test seriously, think the county that install auspicious produced a domain to had had each requirement in bamboo floor consistently, can produce the model of the enterprise as countrywide bamboo floor. Install Ji Tianzhen, elegant wind, Xin phoenix to wait for a batch " heavyweight " the industry expresses, will be chance with this, extend home market quickly, the customer that invites home enjoys the material benefit that brings to bamboo floor.

Bamboo floor and wooden floor photograph are compared, have suffer fight muscularity, hardness strong, price is low advantage, but because consume habitual difference and people,lack understanding to bamboo floor, all the time since homebred bamboo floor is in abroad only, especially Japan, Euramerican country is popular, encounter however in home " awkward silence at an occasion " , the bigger, bamboo floor company that runs maturity represents a few scale in succession home market is gnaw hard together " hard bone " . To this, chinese lumber is current Yang Meixin of current commission vice-chairman points out association floor board, because lack pair of bamboo floors to produce the acknowledge of the respect such as the facilities of the dimensions class of manufacturer, treatment, craft that make, exterior sale price became the main basis of consumer preference product, small company depends on market of race to control of low cost, low price, but the integral image that its product damaged bamboo floor product because of serious quality problem again, domestic consumer buys the Zhang of bamboo floor no longer mostly. And large and medium-sized bamboo floor enterprise because be in by the concussion of price war domestic cease all activities, truly good product great majority export.
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