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This year, all sorts of household experience the house is full-dress practice, industry sweep is decorated in household a driving experience wind. Be just like buy dress foretaste to wear, like buying food to sample first, after trying, ability knows the value of commodity, the consumption after experiencing first so already made a kind of trend.


Pottery and porcelain experiences a house

Pottery and porcelain experiences the house is the concept that a whole lives in likewise, undertake through waiting for a space to sitting room, kitchen, toilet, bedroom whole plans, the product of pottery and porcelain that fastens different breed, different pattern, different color matchs with corresponding articles for daily use, between the example with group stereo synthesis, reveal the household setting of all sorts of styles come out, offer for consumer more intuitionistic, more the space that human nature changes.

Before experiencing type consumption 5 years, appeared in ceramics industry, base of headquarters of Fujian dragon pottery and porcelain is in at the beginning of holding water, put forward " reveal than one true condition " management mode. RAK, Dong Peng, horse but pineapple, Nobel, inferior fine inferior, D of %26amp; of Nuo of god of Meng Na Li Sha, Europe, L, new in the brand of a few ceramic tile such as source, Jia Jun, Hong Yu. The occurrence that experiences a house is to be in " true condition is revealed " the promotion on the foundation, than former, "Experience " criterion more human nature is changed.

Stress distinguishing feature

Convenience 1

The price is transparent the manner is direct

In the Europe god of base of headquarters of Fujian dragon pottery and porcelain Nuohuanai establishs the home to experience a house, the thing everything needed is ready that uses in the home, can choose the design style that needs to oneself intuitionisticly from the experience area of every product, price label is very clear also, each kinds of product has unit price not only, still have assorted formula price, consumer can understand clearly very much the real cost that decorates place to need and decorate a style, discharged budget and design link, hold more easily decorate the price and household style.

Convenience 2

Experience to style treats in the house

Experiencing a house is popular fashion mark, the will best-selling, most fashionable, most the product of individual character is revealed one by one, consumer need not run around here and there, more need not apprehension quality problem, having the firm that builds stereo test house all is domestic well-known company. The pottery and porcelain that is traditional mosaic or foremost edge no matter is tasted newly can find inside experience house, the majority that exhibits here is an enterprise advocate make a product, new science and technology of pottery and porcelain, new colors, pottery and porcelain of classic ceramic tile, new science and technology, mosaic is tasted newly wait for everything needed is ready.
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