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Yesterday will be September " quality month " the first day, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of Yang Pu area began large advisory propaganda jointly with the relevant function branch such as substation of industrial and commercial Yang Pu. The activity offers product true bogus to differentiate knowledge of safety of directive, food to explain to public wait for a service 200 much person-time, recieve a dweller to seek advice, complain 500 much person-time, the spot still is accepted and handled many cases inform against a case.

In the activity, the dweller is informed against, the sale inside terminal market of one building materials is sham near road of mouth of home of the yellow week that start a journey famous brand coating, yang Pu pledges inspect bureau expedites nearly 20 administration to execute the law at once personnel is driven go to the spot. Execute the law personnel discovery, the part of the for sale inside inn of this market door " establish state " , " Chinese tall " , " in south " , " tall person " the mark that prevent bogus is not had on the outer packing that waits for brand coating glue, appraisal comes before the member that hit dummy via contacting a firm, these products are suspected of sham.

Hunt down from inside the 6 doors inn of this market be suspected of sham afore-mentioned products many pails 250, goods is worth amount more than yuan 20 thousand. Execute the law personnel gives to afore-mentioned article lawfully then sequestered, instruct within a definite time of market of this building materials to rectify, violated behavior to undertake corresponding administration is punished in the light of management unit.

It is reported, at present building materials industry appeared again new case: Market of a few building materials is illegal operator is intended will sham product is jumbly sell in famous brand product, sale price a little some cheaper, pass away the sham as the genuine, beguiling consumer. This and before the manufacturer builds unit of false, distribute to issued carry out holiday to have in unwitting circumstance very big different.

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