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After group of afterwards Italy cement buys carry on successfully to promote division of smooth world group to issue 100% equity of company of rich smooth cement with 33 million dollar, on August 31, the whole world is famous investment bank -- American Gao Cheng group opens up endowment 80 million dollar, bought me to save company of sludge of the 2nd flood -- red lion controls a group limited company the equity of 25% .

Luxuriant " face about " the secret worry of backside

In recent years, zhejiang cement industry changes traditional cement industry in effort all the time " high-energy bad news, tall pollution, low benefit " figure, its develop way " face about " it may be said is very beautiful. Trade of the classics that occupy a province appoint statistic, so far, complete province already demolished 689 machine to establish kiln, wash out about 60 million tons of backward productivity. In the meantime, build product line of new-style cement working a way 81, cement is produced per year can amount to 100 million tons. "Zhejiang will make the first province of domestic that did not establish kiln cement from this. " province classics trade appoint industry of the coal that build smelt metal does chief to say.

However, luxuriant " face about " rear also not without secret worry. Company of complete province cement the much, small, new fetter that comes loose to making make a leap of block up entire industry. Spending because of concentration not tall, although the palm accused advanced production technology, I save cement industry to still be immersed in successive the corner of deficit of sex of level of 3 years of entire industries.

Foreign capital contend " capital cement "

Enter with Italian cement group advocate " Fu Ping cement " industrial investment is different, fill this high to become a shareholder " red lion " contain apparent " capital cement " colour.

Regard the whole world as the biggest investment bank, gao Chengzhi grows to be run at capital in industry long negative great reputation. And its eye also is those who gave a name is captious, of its place pitch on " red lion " be the cement company that home has cost competition ability most.

"Red lion " produce per year cement at present 16.5 million tons, house is provincial the 2nd, the whole nation the 5th, although its dimensions is not the biggest, but competition ability has public praise in the element inside course of study. According to saying, "Red lion " lowest of ton of cement investment throughout the country, about 220 yuan / ton, clinker ton investment makes an appointment with 170 yuan / ton, relatively countrywide average level is low 45 yuan / ton. In build heart, "Red lion " , " 3 lion " the cement product line that reached conch cement to build day to produce 5000 tons, but cement value is saved in me very low when confusing, only " red lion " still can gain.

Gao Cheng becomes a shareholder " red lion " hind, make latter besides cost advantage, still had financing advantage. To this, gao Chengtan character, choose " red lion " , grow because of its namely quality competition ability of good, core is strong, have good development prospect. Accordingly, the personage inside course of study comparatives value " red lion " in the future appear on the market foreground, once include mount city by Gao Cheng, its city is filled with rate even hopeful has built conch cement.
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