Building materials rises in price extent amounts to craftsmenship of 20% test ci

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Citizen Mr Peng went up a few days ago choose and buy of market of kiln building materials decorates material, after rambling a few rounds, discover, the price of the material such as the floor on the market, furniture than this year first half of the year, have certain range rise. "Why to rise in price? " Mr Peng asks a businessman very malcontently. He calculated roughly, because rise in price, he nearly 5000 yuan of floriferous cost of raw materials.

Recently, the reporter visits the market to understand, because,building materials rises in price is of the raw material such as material of lumber, copper rise in price and bring about, this lets the citizen that preparation decorates like very much gentleman resembling Peng, one feels in the joyance that awaits ingoing new residence but.

Partial building materials rises in price extent is amounted to 20%

Current, the photograph of price of real wood floor of brand of the part on the market rose than in the past 10% to 15% . Distributors explanation, the lumber raw material that home produces place of real wood floor to need basically relies on an entrance, suffer related exit country policy impact, entrance lumber near future is become " popular commodities " . In the meantime, suffer a country to impose tax of real wood floor, retreat return Lin Jitian n cultivated land like that forest competition of protectionism, market is intense the influence that waits for many sided element, wooden floor is managed already entered " small profit period " , the businessman should live development, must huff. Suffer this effect, man-made plank rises in price nearly 20% , furniture price also is " when the river rises the boat goes up too " .

Actually, wooden floor and furniture rise in price be not an exemple, the price of ceramic tile, Wei Yu and material of water and electricity also is having apparent get onning raise. With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, go up in 10% the left and right sides. Come so, the project of water and electricity in decorating, carpentry project and other assist a project to also want to raise cost.

The citizen can have skill ground to undertake decorating

To building materials rise in price generally, the citizen that a lot of preparation hold into the connoisseur feels helpless. One is engaged in think after the professional personage estimation of final accounting of revenue and expenditure beforehand, of material price rise, make a home installs a project to raise the charge pay of 10% above at least.

The personage says related city adornment guild, below the setting that building materials rises in price to bring about a citizen to decorate cost to rise directly, decorate cost to reduce, the citizen can have skill ground to carry out decorate. On one hand, can buy through joining building materials group, the festival allows the activity such as benefit fulfil guest, enjoy what the businessman offers to hit fold, privilege yielding benefit. Of course, a lot of citizens are not clear about building materials mark a price circumstance, before buying material so, had better ramble more sell undertake comparative, the group is judged to buy the authenticity that yields benefit again after touching a base. On the other hand, can decorate cost through choosing substitute to reduce, price of real wood floor is for instance exorbitant, can choose compound floor board or ceramic tile will replace.
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