Listen to sound to see hint given with the eyes judge bibulous spend ceramic til

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2, knock ceramic tile listens attentively to sound ringing, sound heals fragile, porcelain is changed degree, density heals beautiful of tall, hardness.

3, whether to have scratch with ceramic tile of acute content scratch, if scratch states the difference that apply glair makes the person slips easily, after exterior glair burnishs,

Bricky face is flyblown will not clean clean.

4, clarity of the color of ceramic tile, chroma, natural person, state porcelain is changed degree tall, chroma is unsharpness, porcelain is changed degree low.

5, when the choose and buy, in observe with naked eye the surface has inside rice without pinhole, if have, state glaze does not have complete confluence, the case of contamination of easy generation accumulation.

6, the observation that warp spends: View ceramic tile side with naked eye flat, if warp case is severe,can affect in the future of ceramic tile firm.

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