Bathroom glass blast is cracked plum true bogus of toughened glass 3C is checked

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Glass cuts off sudden burst to crack

Recently, glass of bathroom of the experience when our newspaper ever reported the outskirt austral Xi'an Ms. Liu bathes cuts off sudden burst to crack, the hand seams the incident of several needles. The telephone call is made after many readers saw a story, have to expressing sympathizer unfortunately of Ms. Liu, also have to the person that the businessman's product expresses doubt. After all, shower room matters to daily life of everybody, everybody does not wish on the happens unfortunately in oneself body of Ms. Liu. The expert reminds, when buying bathroom glass to cut off, must vigilance plum ghost fills Li Kui.

Incident is answered put

Vitreous partition of explosion professes " Shanghai Lang Siwei bath "

Ms. Liu tells a reporter, thing of her choose and buy is more captious still, the storefront that be in home of wherefrom of market of building materials of Han dark stockaded village to profess at that time is the center of design of Xi'an of Shanghai Lang Siwei bath that make chooses bathroom glass to cut off, those who take a fancy to is bright this brand and guide those who buy place to allege is excellent quality, did not think of to just was used had an accident before long.

Be " Shanghai Lang Siwei bath " does the product have a problem? The reporter is in Ms. Liu home to discover, this " design of Xi'an of Shanghai Lang Siwei bath makes a center " indicate without the manufacturer already on offers bathroom glass partition also indicate without 3C, carry simple network search, the reporter discovers bath is not Langsiwei come from Shanghai, produce however from Guangdong Zhongshan city, full name is Lang Siwei bath of Guangdong Zhongshan city limited company.

Subsequently the reporter contacted Guangdong Lang Siwei bath, the staff member tells a reporter clearly, producing area of Lang Siwei bath is Guangdong, be in Shanghai and do not have minute of factory, they have big Ming Gongna only in the sale part of Xi'an outskirt inn, had not sent money to stockaded village of Xi'an Han Sen absolutely.

To this, "Design of Xi'an of Shanghai Lang Siwei bath makes a center " say, their product is the money that takes from Shanghai, and bright this it is the name since themselves only.

Glass of market phenomenon bathroom cuts off ghost of Li Kui plum to coexist

So of home of lady resembling Liu don't this kind have a brand, does without the producing area, glass that does not have 3C bath provide Xi'an market to go up to still be had?

In big bright palace, 3 dark wait for bigger building materials to live in the market, the breed of shower room, model is very much, uses toughened glass 6 millimeter, 8 millimeter, 10 millimeter are thick have, and shower partition is opposite less. But no matter be shower room or vitreous partition, tag mark of the brand of the product, producing area, 3C very clearly.

In big Ming Gongyan first floor of tower shopping square protects bath area, reporter guide is bought seek advice from room of a simple and easy shower, the toughened glass with 6 thick millimeter, 1000 millimeter of 1000 millimeter × the norms of 1900 millimeter of × , ask a price 2000 multivariate. To move reporter, guide buy a young lady from hardware of pulley of aluminous material of room of vitreous ply, shower, sliding door, bathroom wait for detail respect to introduce in detail, be worth in order to show content somewhat. The introduction was over to had not forgotten plus: Protect 3 years character, lifelong maintenance. Although the reporter does not plan to buy, but make clear from the businessman's introduction and shown qualitative check report, the safety of shower room and quality still have assure.
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