Bright-coloured paint contains lead to measure tall white paint is safer

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When a lot of families are decorating new home, can choose colourful paint, in an attempt to achieves satisfaction decorate the effect, but such paint however often bury is worn healthy hidden trouble --

Contain the level that lead paints

Arrange of American environmental protection reachs the capacity that contain lead or exceed 0.5% , or every square centimeter the paint that achieve or exceeds 10 milligram regards the paint that contain lead as. Our country " interior decoration decorates paint of the wall inside material in harmful material set limit to " set, inside lead does not get the dissolubility in wall paint prep above 90 milligram / kilogram.

Contain the harm that lead paints

Wang Yi of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese building adornment is strong express, once the lead in paint enters human body through the way such as respiratory tract, enteron, skin, can accumulate continuously in blood, cause anaemic, memory to drop, the noxiousness reaction such as hypertensive, arthralgia. According to determining, the paint of fingernail size is drossy contain 50 milligram lead.

Have research discovery, the infant is the main victim that lead pollutes. According to Chinese disease precaution dominates central investigation, our country still has 3 children of 1 / to absorb lead exceeding an amount at present, and living in adornment things to pollute among them is the plumbic pollution origin with the commonnest children. Investigation shows, in be apart from the ground 1 meter of place, the plumbic chroma in air is 16 times of 1.5 meters of place, children height is in this limits fitly inside; Infant regular meeting contacts metope with the hand, add them to have the habit of suck finger, absorb many lead easily. Additional, the infant is as high as 53% to plumbic absorptivity, it is adult about 5 times.

Contain the noxiousness origin that lead paints

Wang Yi is strong express, the paint that contain lead basically is caused by the plumbic compound that contains in paint dye, wait like Huang Dan, red lead and white lead. Because its can make paint color abiding,keep bright-coloured, so, the paint with the more bright-coloured color, contain many lead more possibly. Introduction Wang Yi strong, ever the orgnaization did a test, in the example of 23 paint that contain lead, the quantity containing lead that orange paints is highest, remain ordinal for yellow, green, brown etc.

Prevent the method of lead poisoning

A few simple methods can prevent lead poisoning, if clean floor, windowsill regularly every week, suck carpet; Urge children to often wash his hands, want to be washed clean before having a thing especially; Ensure children food is medium iron and calcic high content and low adipose, can make children absorbs the lead in the environment lesser.

Contain current situation of plumbic paint market

Current, in market of our country building materials, organic pigment includes in the composition of many paint, also a few brands were hit " environmental protection lacquer " fascia. Mr Wang of Chinese coating website discloses: "The paint containing lead with bright-coloured color still owns share of very big market in China. Although white paints the amount that contain lead is very small, but people more the color with bright-coloured preference. But people more the color with bright-coloured preference..
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