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Aggrandizement wood floor already made the mainstream ground material that the family decorates, hit a holiday to do from qualitative inspect bureau however etc execute the law the branch announces " the achievement that make a holiday " see not hard, as the increase sharply of share of aggrandizement floor market, the inferior floor board that illegal pedlar produces is in wantonly interfuse market, let difficult differentiate of consumer true and false.

1, blame flavour board: Formaldehyde exceeds bid badly

What floor of original production aggrandizement uses is fast lay Lin Xiaojing capable person, be most one of building materials of environmental protection, however formaldehyde exceeds bid badly " blame flavour board " the reputation that affected aggrandizement floor badly however. Illegal manufacturer to reduce cost, manufacturing floor serves as adhesive with uric aldehyde glue, the formaldehyde of floor of our country newest regulation releases volume level is not 1.5 milligram / rises prep above, and with " uric aldehyde glue " " blame flavour board " formaldehyde of very difficult control releases a quantity.

The adhesive base material that floor of wood of high grade aggrandizement should choose is 3 get together cyanogen amine, and " blame flavour board " base material adhesive the price of uric aldehyde glue is only 3 get together the 1/7 of cyanogen amine price, illegal pedlar is not considered on the floor is had " strange flavour " . "Blame flavour board " because manufacturing engineering technology is low, base material is inferior, the harmful gas that brandish of its product place gives out includes formaldehyde unit volume to content is exceeded or exceed a country badly to limit a criterion.

Clew: When content of the formaldehyde in air exceeds certain chroma, mucous membrane, can retinal to the bazoo of human body, respiratory tract, splanchnic organ, neurological wait for generation to spur action, what affect people badly is healthy.

2, short-lived board: Without wear-resisting layer, two months walk broken

"Short-lived board " short-lived, be what use because of floor surface is low-cost common adornment paper, wear-resisting revolution is extremely low.

The wear-resisting layer of high grade aggrandizement wood floor is 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, cost holds wooden floor totle drilling cost 20, 30% . Did not add wear-resisting layer or wear-resisting paper gram to weigh insufficient, can become the matter with aggrandizement short-lived floor.

Clew: What wear-resisting layer uses is why to be planted material, discern very hard with naked eye.

3, crisp core board: Base material density is small, crack easily not moistureproof

"Crisp core board " it is to reduce cost likewise, with somes density is small in the density board, particieboard material that regards production as aggrandizement floor. As we have learned, aggrandizement wood floor should be spent with special high density board for base material, its are bibulous rate, expand rate need to be controlled strictly, good aggrandizement wood floor should choose high grade lumber, through be being chosen strictly, all pledge, squelch and become. And " crisp core board " it is cheap that place wants to use base material than normal manufacturer place with base material 2, 3 times.
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