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The cool weather at the beginning of Xia Moqiu, decorate the good season of new home just about, also be the period that businessman of household building materials rolls out all sorts of privilege centrally. In taste newly appear on the market in succession, the value plunges in succession today, how does new home owner accomplish rational consumption, healthy household, create a truly healthful new home? Recently, special interview of our newspaper reporter hospital of children of the Chengdu City moxa doctor, new space decorates senior stylist Li Ping, ask them to be raised to the friend that fall red-letter day has the home is installed first action.

Healthy household should see water, light and air

Hospital of children of the Chengdu City moxa doctor

Reporter: Chengdu home installs an user to know the harm of the formaldehyde in decorating is the greatest, what disease can formaldehyde cause after all?

Moxa doctor: In process of outfit is in the home, the formaldehyde inside generation residence is main origin is the adornment material such as of all kinds board, furniture and paint. To formaldehyde, the country has very clear mandatory standard: After closing door window 1 hour, the formaldehyde in indoor air releases every stere the quantity must not be more than 0.08 milligram. If achieve 0.1 ~ 2 milligram, the normal person of 50% can smell bad smell; Achieve 2 ~ 5 milligram, eye, tracheal will be stimulated strongly, the symptom such as occurrence sneeze, cough; Achieve 10 milligram above, the person can breathe difficulty; Achieve 50 milligram above, can cause pneumonic wait for danger serious illness, cause death.

Reporter: Want to decorate the new home of a safe health, can you install an user what to kind of proposal offer to the home?

Moxa doctor: Above all, must choose to pass the environmental protection data of national certificate of quality. The citizen does not want covet petty gain to buy low inferior material, healthy ability is the person's most precious fortune. Next, want to listen to the expert's opinion on adornment design. Layout of can mature whole space undertakes normal adornment stylist healthy household design, the light is for instance strong improvement of weak, airiness, water quality is waited a moment, this is very important segment. Occurrence eyesight of old person, children is abate, sufferring contaminative home to fit an environment is main factor, envisage an environment very hard dark or ventilated it is normal that undesirable home can have a vision healthy child. Finally, if be moved into the resident home of new home to have the child, pregnant woman, person that smoke, I suggest to want to pay close attention to the empty temperament in the home to measure particularly. My proposal is disturbed outfit air conditioning, conditional can choose to install an air to purify a system, this system price is medium, but whole family is benefited, those who make new home " breathing lung " .
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