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Second half of the year is the busy season of domestic bedroom decorate, the person that has experienced household to decorate is paid attention to mostly on the choice of lamps and lanterns lighting effects, beautiful and energy-saving, and the side issue oversight such as the health that brings lighting lighting system with lamps and lanterns is dropped.

So, what principle should the design of lamps and lanterns and choose and buy hold?

Lamplight also is put in healthy problem

The lamplight in the home is used well, its core is " smooth health " problem. Concerned expert thinks, alleged " smooth health " include two fields, it is the functional sex requirement that illume must satisfy a place, namely the problem with the lamp not bright, beautiful brightness that people place says; 2 it is the psychological requirement that illume must satisfy people, be like the influence of colour temperature, brightness to the person's mood, and waited with the harmony of the shadow solely. Concerned expert points out, unreasonable illume tool and impertinent lighting system produce very big effect to healthy metropolis. Consider to make clear, bright light can change the in-house clock of cerebrum, control sleep. But work for long below lamplight, can reduce the human body absorption to calcium; Intense light-wave still can make abnormal cell increases, normal cell dies. Satisfying side of functional sex demand, the stand or fall of illuminant quality is affected to illuminative very big. High grade illuminant can be achieved and solar and similar result, and inferior illuminant is met not only screwy vision effect, and suffer inferior illuminant illuminate for long, the eye is very easy and fatigue. If lamplight brightness disequilibrium, for instance the brightness of the window or other area is gotten higher than indoor brightness much, people can feel dazzle, make a person very sick, still can damage visual function badly.

Undertake correct lamplight is designed

How to undertake indoor lamplight colour is designed correctly, had become the another major issue that people considers when decorating a building gradually. Zhejiang new state decorates the interior decoration of engineering limited company to design an expert to point out, in domestic adornment, lamplight design avoid by all means makes a person dazzling with contrast too big. Lamplight is designed the first it is healthy of course, the 2nd consideration is harmonious, final ability considers a function. Colour has very big effect to the person's psychology and physiology, like blue but slow down rhythm of the heart, adjust evenly, eliminate intense sentiment; Cream-colored, shallow blue, shallow ash is helpful for quiet rest and Morpheus, easy eliminate exhaustion; Gules, orange, yellow can make a person excited, hearten spirit; White can make hypertensive patient blood pressure is reduced, calm; Red makes person blood pressure elevatory, breath is accelerated.

"New state " design expert reminds, when designing lamplight, must note the need of the size of corresponding room and different function.
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