The arisen old furniture of classic furniture upsurge becomes new 5 action

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Of classic furniture upsurge arisen, let once desolate also follows at the old furniture of secondhand goods market " baby " rise, people is contended for " clean out " move these already practical have the old furniture that collects value again.

But, collect while the wholesome hidden trouble that in also wanting to notice these native place are provided, exists. After all these native place provide big old Dai Jiuyuan, and often everywhere " roam about " , produce various pollution very easily, if the biology of former use condition is polluted, the pollution of all sorts of helminth such as bug of egg of the bug in lumber, mite.

Actually, old to this kind " baby " , can do cleanness for it so, the following " 5 action " do not prevent try, enough becomes your ancient furniture look brand-new:

The first action: Take outdoors and open space, the sunshine that uses nature achieves desiccative result, at the same time also but eliminate because time is ages ago and the mildew flavour of generation. Notable is, avoid by all means insolates below burning sun, lest be just the opposite to what one wished,cause furniture craze.

The 2nd action: The blower that uses high-power is blown, the floating dust that has the face with purify native place and accumulate land, but avoid by all means is brushed with wet cloth, can cause to furniture lacquer face otherwise damage.

The 3rd action: Can besmear obliteration poisonous water will kill the bug egg in old furniture. Notable is, had better use clear water dilute first a few disappear venom, immerge of a cotton cloth among them, completely pigheaded after working, wipe again.

The 4th action: A few often can have the stick together thing such as grout, paint on furniture, applicable physics method is cleared, for instance careful knife is blown and burnish.

The 5th action: If do not plan to preserve original lacquer area, also can rinse with water, scale waits in the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches, tenon relatively in, can rinse with buck.

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