The expert reminds wall brick and floor tile cannot crossing-over is used

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The ' when a few people are decorating a building turns over groovy ' shop to stick ceramic tile, knock the tracery wall face brick with gorgeous color for instance broke the shop is on the ground of toilet, affix the ground face brick with monochromatic simple but elegant again wall, look be like extraordinary, but the expert admonishs: Do both neither science so insecure, wall brick and floor tile cannot turn over convention to use.
Brick of floor tile wall is bibulous lead different and indoor ceramic tile to stick a place to divide the brick that it is a wall and floor tile by the shop. Tell wall ceramic tile strictly to belong to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods normally, their physical character is different, both from choose clay burden to have very big distinction to fire craft, metope brick is bibulous lead probably 10%% left and right sides, the ground face brick that has 1%% only than bibulous rate wants tower above multiple.

The ground of toilet and kitchen should laid is bibulous the ground brick with low rate, because the ground often can use much clear water wash and brush, the effect that such ceramic tile ability do not suffer lunt, do not induct besmirch. Wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is compared commonly coarse, this also is helpful for bind agent affixing metope brick wall. Floor tile is stuck not easily on the wall firm, wall brick is used in the ground the meeting is bibulous and too much and become not easy and clean, brick of visible wall, ground cannot be mixed with.

Laid order has the exquisite face brick that stick the ground to answer by stick outside introversion, have gradient like the ground or have floor drain, should notice to look for slope by catchment direction; Wall brick should from fall to be stuck to the upper berth, for beautiful for the purpose of, after answering, the most rock-bottom brick is stuck. Floor tile is pressed again after wall brick is stuck, encounter when having half brick, answer to be put below as far as possible. Additional, one side wall cannot be stuck reach the summit, in case ceramic tile is self-prossessed bigger, cause collapse fall.

Radiate of damaged ceramic tile is greatly in the making craft of ceramic tile, to increase its of the surface bright and clean degree, facilitating Qing Dynasty wash decontamination, avoid to erode, manufacturer besmeared in the surface ' of frit of a ' (so ceramic tile also weighs glazed pottery) , this is makings of color of a kind of pottery and porcelain, joined zirconium Ying Sha to regard lacteal chaotic as the agent among them, and the content of natural radionuclide in Ying Sha compares zirconium commonly tall.

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