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Shower room is had cover an area of little, modelling the characteristic with rich, convenient installation, still can achieve break up a space, the purpose of divisional function area, become the priority discipline that decorates toilet, because people lacks understanding to it, choose and buy and the oversight when using a lot of detail, bring a lot of troubles to daily life, also generate pair of suspicion that use gender and security actually.

■ the security that material decides shower room character

Glass is had fully, humidity, processability can be good, cover an area of little characteristic, suit to use the space between Yu Weisheng to break up very much, accordingly, shower room uses glass commonly or organic glass is made. Because organic glass is in be able to bear or endure the respect performance such as ageing, intensity, wearability is poorer, the shower room that uses it to make is less and less. Common glass is differred as a result of tigidity, brittle, security is so bad. Accordingly, the shower room that the manufacturer home that bear the blame produces uses the toughened glass with the each respect very excellent performance such as intensity, tigidity to make.

When room of consumer preference shower, will consider from safety and durable angle, must select the product that toughened glass makes. But toughened glass exterior and common glass are same, distinguish very hard with naked eye, because this must choose dimensions when buying shower house,big, credit spends tall, after service to have the brand that assure and businessman, ability assures to buy high quality product.

■ the shower room of hinge type is more welcome

Press the means of door switch, shower room is divided. For slippery course type and hinge type. Inchoate shower room is slippery course type, contain in the base of shower room and top edge slippery course, the door is embedded slide back and forth in slippery course undertake switch. Go up as a result of slippery course easy scale or fall into good thing bad to clear, can make door switch not free causes damage. And slippery course itself has service life shorter, the noise when push-pull is bigger wait for defect, the shower room with accordingly higher now class upgrades generally already to hinge type. Room of hinge type shower uses immensity casing to design commonly, the exterior is concise and fluent, be welcomed generally.

The weight of door of glass of house of hinge type shower is borne the weight of completely by hinge, because vitreous door is very heavy, very tall to the quality requirement of hinge, the requirement can be anti-corrosive, fight exhaustion, bear gravity is strong. There is hinge on the market: Copper eletroplates hinge and hinge of stainless steel die-casting, the hinge of stainless steel die-casting no matter from the exterior, intensity, anti-corrosive wait for a respect to want tallish one prepare, because this compares well-known trademark to often choose the hinge of stainless steel die-casting, ensure shower room uses security, prolong service life. Certain the hinge shower room that uses Europe to import a brand, its glass door is had more but the function of switch of random of 180 degrees of inside and outside, use more convenient freely, can be in so shower room need not when push vitreous door shower house inside, convenient clear wholesome.
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