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Author in succession visited 56 brand shop that defend bath recently, discover the adornment inside inn has a collective place: Attestation honor book always is hanged in the markeddest position inside inn hall. But attestation orgnaization is endless however and identical, have " center of attestation of Chinese light industry " , have " Committee on Certification of Chinese such-and-such mark " , have " foundation of protective consumer rights and interests " , have " center of attestation of some quality system " etc. And the content of attestation is multifarious also: "Wholesome pottery and porcelain " , " product of green environmental protection " , " pottery and porcelain of high temperature asepsis " , " ozone is antiseptic and eligible product " ... . These endless and identical certificate period of efficacy are 3 years mostly, also have 5 years, even 10 years. Several certificate were hanged at the same time in some inn.

The author is inside inn of some brand Wei Yu, see be being hanged on the wall " pottery and porcelain of high temperature asepsis " attestation, and merchant also again and again to the author thrasonical: "What we sell is high temperature contented, it is product of high temperature aseptic absolutely, price nature is so some more expensive. Of those petty gain is microtherm contented, quality did not assure. " but what asking about when the author is microtherm contented, high temperature contented, when what they have to distinguish, merchant hesitates in speech however, indecipherable.

As we have learned, have on the market at present sampling inspection and send check two kinds detect way of quality of Wei Yu product. The metropolis in the report of general product sending check is made clear " only to coming appearance is in charge of " , and incorrect be in charge of in carry out product; If be sampling inspection, do not eliminate an enterprise to select best product, it is the product that buys other manufacturer from the market takes relevant quality to detect even the likelihood that the station detects. Accordingly, some agency are profit of obtain high specified number, privately tastes some one class saying is classy article, and classy tasted price is one class taste two to 3 times. Average consumer only from apparently essential do not look to go out classy taste the distinction that tastes with one class. Still individual business is sold to expand, forge quality to detect directly report, perhaps tag " 3 A " the standard.

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