Supply greasy filth of carve of cloud art essence, the hand does model material,

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Supply greasy filth of carve of cloud art essence, industrial plasticene, advanced color greasy filth, 6 flower mud, sculpture tool, craft mould silica gel, silicon benefit health, mould glue, transparent silica gel / young lady of week of mobile phone 13559722525/ , agent of drawing of patterns, plasticene of advanced color greasy filth, industry, waterproof mud, DIY soft Tao Ni, soft contented makes tool teaching material, clay of land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another mud, paper, silicone oil, silica gel, silicon oil, PU colophony, 8012AB water, 8017AB water, 196 colophony, plasticene, sculpture tool, gesso, titanium white pink, light pink, light fine white carbon black, potash fertilizer black, agent of drawing of patterns, a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes washs his hands pink.
Greasy filth of carve of essence of life 1. The quality of a material below normal temperature is hard and meticulous, but fine carve of carve of essence of life. Suit high-quality goods prototype, industry to design a model to make 2. Sensitive to temperature, lukewarm but bate model form or repair, model look is simple, suit classroom education do exercises in composition. 3. Not not have a hand in, contractive, land of the ties that compare order is cleaner and accurate, precision is tall, it is the good material that handicraft industry prototype makes. Contact: Miss Zhou Yaoqin / 13559722525 advisory QQ: 308516278
Company phone: 0769-83600128 commerce connects ID: Zhouyaqin88
Norms: 14*8*1.5 packs: 220 grams / piece 100 / box
Chromatic greasy filth (mould mud) advanced color clay avirulent, environmental protection, basically use at handicraft, hardware, plastic product to open sculpture of model, student, can use circularly, long buy is not degenerative. Use essentials: 1. Advanced color clay, with the hand lukewarm can knead form. 2. Two agglutination can be kneaded like common plasticene close. 3. After the model has been done, won't harden, go to the lavatory to revise and circulate reoccupy. Use extensively also at air conditioning, communication waterproof jam electrical wiring aperture.
Norms: 12*9.2*2 packs: 60 / box 340 grams / piece producing area: Dongguan
Soft Tao Ni (biscuit earth) be a kind avirulent, insipidity, without exciting aggregate sex argil. This material color is rich, flexibility is good, it is argil of a kind of collect, paper clay, sculpture greasy filth, plasticene advantage produces material for the newest handicraft of a suit. This material accepts numerous scale wide, freedom of the person that deal with is versed in is held, knead originality to make, with report of average family expenses after oven is roast, can shape to shine for all sorts of colour beautiful, design is Protean, hard those who be like contented is elegant act the role of taste and artwork. Soft Tao Ni is domestic individual and contented of of all kinds public place of entertainment, the good stuff that amuse oneself. Additional, soft Tao Ni also is the school, nursery school has aesthetic education to teenage children, the wonderful material of manual education. Baohou size bakes the base substrate that roast Shi Kegen occupies the work that make make, roast time comes 10 minutes 15 minutes, roast temperature reachs 130 degrees 100 degrees.
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