Permanent antistatic terrazzo

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In solid moving technical limited company is to be engaged in antistatic terrazzo, misfire is antistatic clean room of terrazzo, nobleness is antistatic terrazzo ground and antistatic coating, antistatic the agent a variety of antistatic the research and development of the product, production, reach what the spot carries out to specialization company, the group of product research and development of company rich experience, the has construction aptitude senior construction group of excelsior terrazzo processing factory and 5 long-term cooperation (dimensions all is in 300 people above) act on " sincere trustworthy is moved; Character is consummate " the principle is being offerred for domestic and international user make now model, prefab model (600 × 600, 500 × 500, 400 × 400) reach activity of built on stilts wait for 3 kinds antistatic the application of terrazzo ground, can carry out in what each district has a project. The firm's own core product " in solid move permanent antistatic terrazzo " as antistatic the precede person of region industry, took the lead in coming true antistatic of the ground antistatic characteristic stability, permanent be the same as life with the building; The building is characteristic and solid, beautiful; The ground maintains safeguard with common structure the ground agrees need not special antistatic in light of the economic effect that safeguards the requirement; that waits for these international technologies to develop a tendency to carry a large number of projects, in solid move permanent antistatic terrazzo ground satisfied of all kinds client to the greastest extent to permanent bearing antistaticly, high, nobleness is spent completely, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure ageing, anti-corrosive, fire prevention, beautiful reach maintain handy low fare or wait for a lot of and strict requirement without charge, the building character that reached the floor and antistatic characteristic perfect syncretic, brought the client's higher quality to enjoy thereby. This product is on the exterior and building function with as good as of common and high grade terrazzo, a lot of design and color can offer an alternative, can do the ground, bedplate, mesa, road surface to wait. Apply extensively in the electron to make, the domain such as national defence of electric power of work of information communication, aerospace, fire, petro-chemical, medicine. On each function, in solid move permanent antistatic terrazzo can be replaced more extensively than coming with more excellent gender value at present the PVC on the market kind antistatic the ground, balata kind antistatic the ground and level ground of annulus oxygen do as one pleases are antistatic the ground, antistatic ceramic tile.
In solid move permanent antistatic of terrazzo ground antistatic characteristic:
1) exterior resistor, system resistor: 1 ╳ 10 5, 1 ╳ 10 9 (Ω ) (special trade demand can undertake designing custom-built)
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