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Limited company of engineering of estate of Hangzhou rich gate held water 1998, it is production of a market, development, sale, service the diversity door course of study at an organic whole makes a firm, company main product has: Lever gear door of series of door of remote control garage, industry, smooth open the door series, profile is hollow door series, fast series of series of industrial door series, the rolling door that defy wind, of all kinds rolling door. Rich adult takes " quality from beginning to end consummate, credit the business concept of the first " , solidarity goes all out in work, seek true deal with concrete matters relating to work, casting with respect to brand of " rich big " . Uncommon outstanding achievement results from the extraordinary drive that respect property, science and technology of rich general be in harmony, resource and manpower capital, learn hard and absorb domestic and international achievement of advanced science and technology and administrative experience, with high starting point, high rate, efficient innovation gives brand figure, implementation enterprise spans quickly type develops, china of base oneself upon, trend international.

Service dominant position: Deserve to have professional maintenance technician. If have trouble, inside affirmatory city maintenance arrives inside 4 hours. Domestic representative and agency are how old many 50, ensure the after service of the product.

Our target is: Make China's best automatic door. Country is only can from fittings of door plank, electric machinery, hardware it is the manufacturer that oneself produce.
My miller wants a product: Rolling door of the door, perpendicular lever gear door, industry slips on workshop of garage door, industry, door of large industry translation, fast door, accumulation door, fold door, clairvoyant door, multistage lever gear door, sliding door, stainless steel is smooth open the door, fittings of brake of French door, automatic method, adjustable door, door operator, door plank, safe gasbag, hardware is waited a moment.
Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice, come to a factory make an on-the-spot investigation!
Contact: Chen Shuanglong (director) He Yugen (manager)
Phone: 0571-88174093 fax; 0571-88176102 mobile phone: 13605814575 Http://www.hzbdmy.com
Mailbox: Csl-2@163.com Zjhzcsl@hotmail.com
Address: City of Zhejiang province Hangzhou not works hill way 1413 (by place of the poison that save Buddhist monastic discipline)

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