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Waste product of state of benefit of Shenzhen Guangzhou Dongguan reclaims---The sea established even renewable resources limited company 2002, it is an environmental protection joint ventures that devotes oneself to to be kind to the mankind and earth.

Scope of business:
One. Abandon old metal:
Alloy of phosphorous copper, red metal, red copper, brass, aluminous, stainless steel, zinc, iron

2. Precious metal:
Useless nickel, titanium, platinic, rhodium, palladium, iridium, aureate (liquid waste) , silver-gilt, wolfram steel

3. Plastic:
Silica gel, Yakeli, ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PCB board, suck model to wait

4. Abandon an electron:
Broken bits of electronic foot, stannum, stannum creams, the firm waste material such as edition of useless wire cable, circuitry, IC, diode, dynatron

5. Equipment of all sorts of useless old machine, can appraisal.

Cordial welcome each are enterprise or business unit incoming telegram hangs down ask, negotiate business, mutually beneficial mutual benefit, hope and expensive plant sign a contract, cooperate for a long time, we will serve for broad client wholeheartedly, keep secret strictly for the client.

Contact: Gu Sheng 13714768616 Chen Sheng 13537591126

Phone: 0755-27047229 FAX:0755-27047230

QQ: 505190369   383387858

Company website: Http://www.h958.com

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