Report collects dust implement technology

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Report collects dust implement technology
1, the basic characteristic of soot of circular fluid-bed boiler
Adaptability of coal fired of circular fluid-bed boiler is strong, rate of calcic to decoke of the gush inside furnace is as high as 90% above. But as a result of calcic to decoke of the mix into inside furnace relatively the content of the SO2 in lowering flue gas substantially, remove dust to rising efficiency brings negative effect, at the same time the calcic compound content in soot increases in great quantities, this brings about soot to compare resistor heighten. As a result of mix into calcium and to decoke, increased many dust, make the quantity containing dirt of flue gas increases substantially. Accordingly, soot of circular fluid-bed boiler has 3 apparent characteristics:
It is taller than resistor, easy generation turns over corona; 2 it is an entrance the amount that contain dirt is large, easy generation corona closes; 3 it is dirt viscosity bigger, easy cause plate and extremely the line touchs ash. The electric dust catcher that is used at condition of this kind of operating mode to fall so beyond the current requirement besides dust catcher of report of groovy power station, prevent to turn over corona and corona to close phenomenal generation, how decrease or prevent line of in relief plate, cathode to stick ash, how to reduce electric field Wen Jiang, raise component life and dependability, ameliorative pole matchs type is to make sure the design removes dust efficiency and the technical key of moving on the safe side.

2, assure to remove dust the measure of efficiency
According to condition of flue gas of circular fluid-bed boiler, we took the technical step of the following specific aim in the design, in order to ensure the efficiency of electric dust catcher, life reachs dependability.
A, correct type selecting: Numerous male  of Jian of wine of 5 red 
Choose the norms size of electric dust catcher, decorate means (namely type selecting) it is to assure to remove dust the key of efficiency. Type selecting is too big, can increase investment, create waste. Type selecting is too small, make discharge short of standard, cannot satisfy design requirement, sequential meeting is more serious. Our company according to foreign advanced technique, classics computer type selecting comes size of norms of dust catcher of report of make choice of. Decorate means according to what the specific requirement of the spot will decide electric dust catcher again (enter especially, the way that exports a head) .
B, extremely span is decided really
Domestic and international a lot of investigator have a test from different point of view, reach almost same conclusion: In dust catcher of power station report, below the condition of identical bulk, 400mm above span can be obtained taller than 300mm span remove dust efficiency. Study the result makes clear, as extremely the accretion of span, the current density on plate distributings tend even. On one hand the effective utilization rate of in relief plate got raising; on the other hand, check the likelihood that the current density on plate crosses the parcel area generation at concentration to turn over corona, both was promoted remove dust of efficiency rise, contrast experiments to still make clear, below same operating mode condition, extremely span increases 400mm above from 300mm, operation voltage can rise greatly, rose to remove dust greatly thereby efficiency. Not only such, 400mm extremely span above, its interior maintenance wants to go to the lavatory than 300mm span apparently. So, since 80 time end, use 300mm span in power station dust catcher again scarcely, the flue gas soot that circular fluid-bed boiler produces is taller than resistor, and flue gas contains dirt big. 400mm above span is OK relatively effective check turns over corona phenomenon as a result of what compare resistor high to cause, and won't be measured as a result of Gao Hanchen and cause corona to close, this is to assure to remove dust the fundamental condition of efficiency. In view of afore-mentioned reasons, circular fluid-bed boiler is the same as with electric dust catcher extremely span in order to use 400mm above advisable.
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