Type of bag of pulse of low pressure of long bag of electric stove steel-making

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Type of bag of pulse of low pressure of long bag of electric stove steel-making removes dust technology
Type of bag of pulse of low pressure of long bag of electric stove steel-making removes dust technology, be in our country had been very mature technology. The filter makings that the core of its technology is dust catcher of pulse bag type chooses amiable cloth to compare the character that gets used to electric stove soot. Current, type of bag of pulse of long bag low pressure removes dust technical application removes dust in electric stove systematic use already close to at convention, but dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of low pressure of major long bag its structure is square model structure. Air current is inhomogenous the efficiency that causes filter bag to gather dust not all, cause filter bag bag to press lopsided and the service life that affects filter bag, and air current is formed easily " eddy current " lax, air leak leads the air-tightness of its structure sex tall blemish makes this dust catcher receives dirt effect to sell at a discount greatly, the serious electric stove dust that makes contain stickiness is stuck bag and break purify dirt function. Moreover, bad news of big, steel measures volume the much, business affairs that invests to also become a client greatly invests a burden. Taking these issues, the author is in a few medium or small the steelworks tries to use cylinder of combined-type of the G-ZHYDM that designs by the author intensive to grow bag of low-pressure pulse bag type dust catcher applies in medium or small of steel-making electric stove remove dust very great success all was gained on the system. Furnace of electric arc of steel-making of 2 × 20t. Place refine breed is building steel products, its smoke tolerance is 2 × 180000m3/h according to computation.
One, technological process
2, main facility type selecting
1. electric stove catchs collect fish trap:
Catch market rate to assure the flue gas of 90% , purify in electric stove flue gas fixed cover movable type is used in the system (half) the means catching market of airtight cover. Use movable type airtight cover has the characteristic that tall, investment saves the efficiency that catch market.
Movable type (half) airtight cover basically is mixed by fixed wainscot secure cough suction wind, the composition such as door of operation of mobile feed in raw material. Open of door of the activity when feed in raw material, wait for makings basket to a string of 1 to roof in the sky when, the gate closes gradually small, only put apart satisfies activity of makings basket wire rope seam, can satisfy manufacturing need. Door of the activity after feed in raw material ends is shut.
Mobile cover forms an organic whole by gearing of two groups of decelerate and two gyro wheel, direction of edge workshop roof tuss moves point-blank on slideway.
2.LF finery catchs collect fish trap:
Finery uses movable type side to attract the kind of the flue gas that catch market of the cover, to furnace of 20 tons of LF, its component is relatively stable, smoke tolerance is lesser, movable type side sucks a cover to press the area that take wind and quantity of smoke evacuation of computation of the speed that take wind.
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