Electroanalysis aluminous flue gas purifies a technology

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Electroanalysis aluminous flue gas purifies a technology
Electroanalysis aluminous flue gas purifies technology collecting dust
Dust catcher of pulse of LLCM long bag is to introduce digest absorb choose domestic and internationally into the technology, electroanalysis in the light of aluminous industry dust catcher of a kind of when aluminous flue gas purifies processing to develop new-style, efficient long bag pulse. Use filter to purify 2 kinds of functions with adsorption, can handle alumina and adsorptive fluoride. According to craft requirement and dust character, my company accedes not only the advantage with pulse grey Qing Dynasty, and used ash of online Qing Dynasty (ceaseless wind Qing Dynasty is grey) the dust layer that makes reservation of filter bag surface layer certain, indigestion add dust can farther adsorptive fluoride, those who reduce fluoride discharge chroma, get used to aluminium to electroanalysis flue gas character and those who assured fluoride is low discharge chroma. Dust catcher norms
Function and characteristic
1, use ash of online Qing Dynasty, make filter bag surface layer withholds certain dust layer, control equipment obstruction is in 1200-1600Pa, add bisque via be being accumulated on investigation filter bag can farther adsorptive fluoride, reduce fluoride discharge chroma, got used to aluminium to electroanalysis the character of flue gas and those who assured fluoride is low discharge chroma.
2, use function to flood type pulse a powerful person or family admirably, its service life can achieve 3 years, use frequency amounts to above 1 million times. The gas that designed cubage photograph to match at the same time is wrapped, can assure to offer enough compression air gush puffs a capacity. Set the gas tank of large volume and grease segregator, reduce airy discharge and quality in order to assure.
3, blow plant to pulse gush, to make sure gush blows aperture place ejective air current and filter bag center agree, deviation is less than 2mm, use the treatment after the mould locates to the treatment of bag of gush blowtorch, air, flower board, assured clear grey result effectively.
4, enter wind advancedly to all shed canal and technology of ash bucket diversion, make sure air current allocation mixes minute of room equably discharge ash is expedite, filter bag increases when at the same time casing is designed the measure such as lower space, avoided air current to be opposite thereby of filter bag erode directly, dropped the negative charge of filter bag, prolonged the service life of filter bag.
5, the anise that uses my company to be produced by automatic product line basket bone, the surface is slick, and the anise circle among framework reduced the interface with filter bag, also reduced the friction of filter bag, improved the life of filter bag thereby. Basket bone is divided paragraph, every paragraphs 2.5 meters, narrowed change bag of space. Mouth of filter bag bag goes up for flexibility structure of the rabbet that encircle type, air-tightness is good, tear open outfit is convenient, the batch after trial assembly is made, when assuring to use with flower board is sealed. 6, casing uses air-tightness design, sealing is good, inspection door uses good sealed data, in the process that make with kerosene leak hunting, air leak rate is low. Technical project designs brief introduction of person king class: (The design that 13004488475) pursues the respect such as air pollution control, equipment is made, the project always contracts wait for a respect to work more than 20 years. Own national patent 20. Chair large and medium-sized project of environmental protection project designs more than 20, chair project of large environmental protection to always contract 2, involve a project to invest nearly 200 million yuan, be (report corrects bag) one of main controller of construction, have rich construction organization and administrative experience, also be " 863 " . Dust catcher of the first report of domestic changes bag type dust catcher 1600000 cubic metre / complete set of hour smoke tolerance designs plan to participate in. Spark heat and power plant 75 tons / type of hour boiler bag removes dust design program is main chief. Ever considered to participate in design of dust catcher of domestic power industry jointly with expert of dust catcher of Australian bag type. .2005 year will design Japanese emperor person in November world of 3 former offices reachs a few material goods the first times to be boiler of fluid-bed of annulus of high pressure of high temperature of mixture fuel 65T/H with coal, old tire (coal, wood chip, old tire mixes fuel) bag type dust catcher passes Japanese expert examine and verify, throw production formally already. Export 20 Mg/ Nm3 of dust concentration ≤ . Flue gas of electric stove of smeltery silicon smelt purifies Shanxi Zunquan remove dust, 4000M2 of factory of cooking of hill Xi'an peaceful is in to dust catcher of the explosion proof of large block fire of 6000M2 pulse Jiao Lu removes dust. Chongqing too extremely type of bag of boiler of coal fired of 20t/h-75t/h of group pharmaceutical factory removes dust the Inc. of Jinan iron and steel such as the system 660000 M of the first sintering plant
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