TC series grows technology of dust catcher of type of bag pulse bag

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TC series grows technology of dust catcher of type of bag pulse bag
Type of bag of pulse of series long bag collects dust implement technology one, overview
Dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of TC series long bag belongs to type of bag of new generation pulse to remove dust technology, it is to introduce, digest, absorb Australia to stride Dick flue gas to administer company of company of engineering of power of company, tall spy and hammer power energy's advanced low pressure long bag pulse removes dust technology. Hop-pocket dust catcher designs the requirement of total bureau of industry of power of complete basis our country and national environmental protection, follow the industrial standard with advanced Australia, this technology uses technology of advanced pulse of long bag low pressure, having the soot that is as long as 50 years to handle experience and whole quality guarantee system, not only the clear grey capacity that has gush to blow pulse dust catcher is strong, remove dust efficiency is tall, discharge chroma low characteristic, still have stable and reliable, specific power consumption low, cover an area of the characteristic with small area, suit to handle the flue gas of large wind force particularly. Dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of series long bag gets applied inside limits of already alive bound, also had popularized in great quantities in China. The advantage of its many sided is numerous user place to know gradually, be welcomed extensively, had been furnace of steel-making electric stove, boiler, calcium carbide, blast furnace gas purify, amiable force carries coal fines preparation, bitumen concrete production, carbon black, building materials, fireproof, chemical industry, aluminium electroanalysises, the field place such as aluminous zinc smelt is used, 2, principle of job of dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of TC long bag
Dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of TC long bag is main by top part body, medium grey system of casing, ash bucket, discharge, gush blows a few parts such as system and control system to comprise, use next entering to enrage minute of room construction. The flue gas that contain dirt enters ash bucket by bottom of the casing in air inlet classics; Because the grit with larger part is inertial action of collision, natural heavy demote falls into ash bucket directly, other grit rises along with air current enter each bag rooms. After classics filter bag filters, grit is left in the side outside filter bag by block, the gas after purifying enters casing by filter bag interior, repass promotion a powerful person, give blast tuyere to emit into atmosphere. The dust in ash bucket times or reach rigid impeller separator by helix conveyer continuously discharge goes out. Undertake ceaselessly as what cross filtration Cheng, place of the side outside filter bag adds the dust that accumulate to increase ceaselessly, the resistance that causes itself of bag dust catcher thereby also lifts gradually. Achieve when obstruction beforehand when set is worth, clear grey controller issues signal, make above all the promotion a powerful person of room of a bag is shut in order to cut off this room filter air current, open electromagnetism pulse valve next, the nozzle that compresses air to enrage blowtorch of a powerful person of bag, pulse, gush to go up by classics of gas source order with cutty time (0.085 seconds of 0.065 ~ ) to filter bag eject. Compress air to expand in the high speed inside box, make filter bag produces high frequency vibration to be out of shape, plus the action that goes against air current, make place of the side outside filter bag adds dirt cake to be out of shape fall off. In mature of dust sedimentation time (the dust that assures to fall off can fall effectively into ash bucket) hind, promotion a powerful person is opened, bag of filter of this bag of room restores to filter condition, and below one bag of room enters grey state clear, end till clear ash of last bags of room so for a cycle. Dust catcher of type of bag of pulse of TC long bag is comprised by the room of many independence, each room undertakes respectively by order when clear ash, each other noninterference, implementation moves for a long time continuously. Afore-mentioned clear grey processes all are undertaken timing by clear grey controller or constant pressure automata.
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