Offer 12500kVA mine to heat up furnace flue gas to remove dust systematic techno

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Offer 12500kVA mine to heat up furnace flue gas to remove dust systematic technology
One, design a basis
1. Ministry of this design basis metallurgical industry " flue gas of iron and steel industry purifies technical policy to set " the 7th chapter " flue gas of smoke of ferroalloy electric stove is purified " in concerned regulation.
2. Exhaust emission carries out GB9078-1996 " air pollution content discharges industrial furnace kiln standard " in one class discharges a standard.
3. The noise of generation carries out GB12348-90 " level of noise of bound of industrial company plant " regulation, namely factory bound noise by day ≤ 65db, nightly ≤ 55db.
2, design an object:
1. Flue gas discharges chroma %26lt;50mg/Nm3. The system removes dust efficiency %26gt; 99.8% .
2.Its contain reclaiming silicon pink SiO2 measures ≥ 92% .
3. Investment province, construction is reasonable, safeguard handy, moving fare is low.
3, design parameter (be offerred by manufacturer or design manual)
12500KVA mine heats up cover of furnace short smoke, half enclosed, usually flue gas discharges craft parameter:
1, furnace overspreads smoke tolerance: 170000Nm3/h(mark condition)
2, flue gas temperature: 450 ℃
3, flue gas dust content: 3.6-5g/Nm3
(2) , low-pressure pulse removes dust system
One, overview: Negative pressure filters type removes dust the system grants in silicon pink processor front and pressing filter type does not have distinction. Distinction is being set in at dust catcher advocate bring fan front (before the entrance) , the flue gas after purifying is discharged through chimney. Filter with traditional negative pressure what what backflushing clear ash differs is this plan those who use is negative pressure filter grey means of pulse Qing Dynasty, place choosing removes dust equipment is: JDDM series grows dust catcher of bag of low-pressure pulse hop-pocket.
The negative pressure that the success application of this technology changed a tradition filters investment of type dust catcher is large, equipment volume is large, clear grey result is insufficient, equipment runs the blemish such as obstruction on the high side, dust catcher of grey means hop-pocket applies pulse Qing Dynasty on ferroalloy mine hot stove, it is home removes dust newly really technology. Its characteristic is:
(1) investment province, cover an area of an area small. The makings of new-style and compound filter that this equipment chooses and photograph of makings of Bo fine filter compare his wearability, fight fold a gender to reach come off intensity has rise apparently, namely ability high temperature, can rise again filter wind speed, it is one times what Bo fine filter expects, corresponding ground reduced dust catcher to filter area, it is dust catcher of bag of Bo fine filter filters the half of the area, equipment weight is lighter 50% . Achieved reduce investment cost, reduce the goal that covers an area of an area.
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