Delicate hardware and crystalline perfect union light act the role of equipment

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Attention is contemporary, exploration " hind contemporary " , those who go after light is wonderful, create an oomph. Years is breathed, stay have only or deep or shallow experience and remember. And the days that these are experienced and memory resembles been carve, the most valuable part in making our life...

Carve time, still thinking by the understanding of literal is industry of a sculpture, actually and otherwise, it not only it is enterprise of a lamp act the role ofing, and still be an original lamp acts the role of course of study. The fixed position that carves time is make with hardware give priority to, it is with crystal ornament complementary, combine contemporary crystal, with contracted style the design gives fashionable and contemporary crystal lamps and lanterns.

On July 29, sculpture days brand carves days brand news briefing all right in Gu Zhenju, whole brand invests by Hu Hairong, after having more than 300 at the appointed time contemporary the crystalline light that starts a style formerly acts the role of series product brand-new appear on the market. Sculpture days brand by industry whole journey of senior brand organizer Mr Hesi is engineered. Overall product engineers a concept to spend body originality design according to the brand by firm of domestic and international professional design, if every lamp is same an artwork, elaborate and distinctive.

Introduce according to carving Hou Kai of days sale chief inspector, sculpture has the agency that comes from inland, Hong Kong, United States on days brand news briefing. When they are visitting brand shop of sculpture days brand, was attracted by its product place, all be about to cooperate with sculpture days brand. Hou Kai says: "Inside, network of proleptic first phase should be achieved 30 nod to 50, distributing inside for the most part the one class city of the ground, later period network basically is distributed in 2 kinds of cities, to next year the whole nation should attain 120 scale before June. To next year the whole nation should attain 120 scale before June..

Sculpture days is in pay attention to grade ﹑ the target also is with customer satisfaction while essence of life seeks a concept, it is a process with distributors gain, realize company profit thereby the biggest change the target that grows with employee to be management concept. The overall service of high grade is his the product is impartible cut one share, the market develops ﹑ to consume demand to be oriented in order to conduct vogue and notional tidal current. Sculpture days is having perfect national brand to transmit a plan, and the region market that has specific aim operates program. Sculpture days is exploring the life character that illume and modern dig ceaselessly in smooth effect and illuminative airspace territory appeal to beg, buckle a space closely in designing a concept illume is as outspread as the function that inspect effect, hold tide pulse to lead the lamp to act the role of innovation.
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