American furniture imports sword of new tax rate to point to Chinese furnisher

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14 days learn from exact channel, the United States returns review a case of year of dumping first time to furniture of woodiness of our country bedroom average tax rate is adjusted to 35.38% , relatively this year Feburary of 62.94% tax rate is reduced first or reduce somewhat. But castigatory sex tax rate is as high as 216.01% however, let think the business of this locality furniture that enters American market cannot stand at all now.

7.42%-35.38% , average tax rate promotes considerably

The reporter calls Dongguan furniture association yesterday, at present association has received the announcement that average tax rate adjusts, but still involve among them Dongguan furniture company to count without law statistic. Those who be worth affirmation is, to the company that basically exports a nation serving as with the United States in Dongguan furniture company, if did not undertake reconciliatory with importer under the counter, or it is to participate in furniture the first round to return dumping review a case, will face the castigatory sex tax rate of 216.01% directly.

In interview, company of furniture of a few Dongguan very do not understand: "Why be 2005 of first trial in be being cut into parts eventually, furniture company still can take the average tax rate of 7.24% , and arrived the first round reexamine is met instead such what bad luck. " as we have learned, american Department of Commerce is smoked in the first round of reexamine medium Dayamu beautiful of abb of course of study, Shanghai, Fosan gold-rimmed amount to, Shanghai Ao Sen and Shanghai are thought of amount to but 5 companies undertake mandatory reexamine, their reexamine result also affects final average tax rate directly.

"In the average tax rate that is as high as 62.94% causes in be being cut into parts first immediate cause this year Feburary, the Shanghai that exports weight to be as high as 80% namely is thought of amount to but with Dayamu course of study. " Wang Jianyu of office of attorney of Shenzhen sea group says, "Although we are successful later,the ground increases the influence in be being cut into parts first advantageous position the Shanghai with average the oldest tax rate is thought of amount to but eliminate, computation uses the rest only when average tax rate 4 tax rate that survey a company compulsively, but as a result of big inferior export volume is next to Shanghai to think of amount to but, in the others 4 medium weight are the greatest, because this is big inferior the average tax rate that tax rate discretion reachs immediate impact to be cut into parts eventually. Because this is big inferior the average tax rate that tax rate discretion reachs immediate impact to be cut into parts eventually..

"Those who make a person regretful is, although big inferior fill after be cut into parts first delivered a few data, but still did not fill to American Department of Commerce hand in about reach artificially secondhand package artificial data, caused American Department of Commerce to use price of top able-bodied person, bring about big inferior tax rate still maintains the perch of 48.97% . " Wang Jianyu says.
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