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Mosaic is a very pretty name so, this noun comes from Hellenic MOSAIC, the meaning is " the artistic job that deserves patience of Jing Sai, need " . Be in those who take individuation of adornment art, pursuit seriously today, become silent old mosaic causes attention once more, the attitude that admires with your person Jing stands proudly decorate the market.

■ from outside wall " go " to inside wall

Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, indoor decorate still do not have in Shaanxi arisen, at that time of the building outside establishing a range is dry wall mostly, cultured person, also be cement pulls hair only, compare cultured person, can choose ceramic tile or granitic plaster; Most most cultured person, ability can choose the metope outside be being handled with mosaic applique.

The earliest, the ceramic tile color that face place establishs to stick outside is drabber, only black, white, red 3 kinds of color, norms also has 145mm × 45mm and 140mm × 280mm only two kinds, under photograph comparing, the color of mosaic is abounded more, red, green, blue, white, black... OK and optional joining together. Await in those days, the face stands to stick mosaic outside the building, can draw many ginseng to watch.

Later, as ceramic tile gain ground, mosaic falls off high, easily because of valence wait for defect, by outside metope " abandon " , fade out of the line of sight of people gradually.

Flash went 15 years, person fasten 3 days to should be looked at with new eyes, this mosaic that gives all corners of the country again is not our memory is medium already the sort of fall off easily, not the popular goods of dependable quality with wear-resisting, drab design and color, it with rich color, wonderful block diagram case, disparate style, uncommon grade, reach visual wallop with strong aesthetic feeling to people, what become household stylist once more is new bestow favor on.

Regard adornment as artistic commonly used carrier, this mosaic goes out again " all corners of the country " , from outside metope is transferred inside metope, grab a beach quickly to live in building materials market, look, it is experienced already dye-in-the-wood work force, with its the style of gorgeous appearance and enchanting walks into our life gradually.

■ grind sword material qualitative great revolution 15 years

Grind one sword 10 years, but mosaic used time of 15 years fully. Present building materials sells in field, mosaic full of beautiful things in eyes, material is qualitative varied, those who have marble, of glass, of pottery and porcelain, of the metal, wait a moment crystally, from 40 yuan / the low end of square metre the product goes to 1800 yuan / the high-end product of square metre, have everything that one expects to find.

Allegedly, mosaic is current one of adornment material of the safest environmental protection, especially vitreous mosaic, become by agglomeration of natural mineral high temperature completely, harmless to human body, and quality of a material is close together, quality is the lightest, it is the most crackajack environmental protection material, acid-proof, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded, it is to suit to be in close water area " the job " the building decorates material.
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