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Current, on the market " the floor that fight bacterium " sort and name diversity, but measure a level without unified check because of of short duration, your consumer discerns hard true and false, have no way is at ease choose and buy.

In recent years, wooden floor produces business people hit in succession " silver-colored ion fights bacterium " , " smooth accelerant fights bacterium " , " bacterium of accept Mi Kang " wait for new idea, those who fight bacterium floor to make floor trade gradually is new bestow favor on, but bacterium floor good and evil people mixed up is fought on the market, make many consumer difficult differentiate true and false, spent injustice money.


Spread " fight bacterium floor " cheeper gets dermatitis however

Live in south Ms. Liu of the city was mirrorred to the reporter a few days ago, by last year, when she decorates a building, spent 20 thousand multivariate laid a kind of floor that fight bacterium, guide at that time buy say the floor that fight bacterium can exterminate a bacterium, still say " although sleep on this kind of floor to also won't suffer from,go up all sorts of dermatitis, and can effective antiseptic, return the potential bacterium that can kill the existence in the room, the family member often also won't fall ill, absolutely and beneficial healthy. " but, because the daughter that does not arrive two years old recently often is in on the floor amuse oneself, on arm and leg overgrow roseola. When the shop that Ms. Liu will come to to buy the floor board that fight bacterium at the outset denounces a view, the businessman is denied however ever had afore-mentioned commitment.

Be in Dongguan city inside city of some building materials, consumer Mr Jiang is fought likewise bacterium floor is done water of a mist, he discovers almost the distributors of every brand alleges oneself product can kill a bacterium, eliminate dirt mite, "Knowing how many these views have really is authentic. "


Hit " fight bacterium card " do not know a principle however

The reporter visited building materials of Dongguan city share to sell field and traditional building materials door store, see partial floor exhibited a stage to play card of the concept that fight bacterium in succession.

Many wooden floor dealer claim, if for years in the home young the child and old person, laying the floor that fight bacterium is best, the child is felt on the floor climb boil dozen also won't be troubled by abdomen, cold to wait. Female assistant of brand shop of a floor says: "Our floor is handled through fighting bacterium, coccus of grape of yellow of bacili of bowel of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College, gold, mould is particularly effective. " ask when the reporter manufacturer is when how having the problem such as the processing that fight bacterium, this assistant twinkles its word, after just claiming to use this floor board that fight bacterium, can reduce odds of family go to the bad, but how to do the processing that fight bacterium to not be clear about as to manufacturer.
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