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All the time since, the competition of Chinese ceramics industry reflects the business that produces area interior in Fosan to compete mostly. As Fosan ceramics industry new of pace of round of dilate, layout accelerate, chinese architectural pottery produces the limits of divisional cloth to appear to also expanding, rich of Zi of the Sichuan clip river before this, Fujian advance river, Shandong, Linyi and bibcock produce area Guangdong Fosan, become home to build contented industry to develop prior area, admit need as ceramics industry dilate and partial area later, base of production of pottery and porcelain begins to be in Guangdong clear the area blossom everywhere such as this world of library of law of far, Zhao Qing, Liaoning, Hunan high mountain, spreading momentum is increasingly forward.
Especially since this year, new in the source invests Gao An, si Mike, only 3 big tycoons garrison beautiful group, Dong Peng abundant city, jingdezhen of layout of Nuo of god of Jin Yitao, Le Hua, Europe, magnate of estate of a batch of contented invests Jiangxi, area of layout Central Plains, make the central point that pays close attention to inside course of study. Together with this month 2 days, in collecting the project that sincere group invests in Gao An, begin to prepare to construct Jiangxi produces the first pottery and porcelain inside the area to reveal, sale center, it is to make be able to install the Jiangxi that head high to produce an area to become more " a dark horse " , among the distributinging pattern that appears in home to build contented to produce a division, its develop impetus to had had apparently overtake Shandong Zi Bo Yufu builds the Jin Jiang, momentum that forces Fosan bibcock produces area position continuously.
With what afore-mentioned phasic the corresponding period happen still too much incident is worth to pay close attention to, the group enrolling business that is countrywide each district above all flocks Fosan, invite to the take turns of ceramics industry, reflected the urgent desire that each district government admits to ceramics industry adequately also. Arbitrary number, city of countryside of the Jingdezhen of Jiangxi, Gao An, duckweed, abundant, hubei is become in relief, An Yuan, appropriate, the law library of Liaoning, build smooth, city of the Yang Quan of Shanxi, Jincheng, new moon, the appropriate guest of Sichuan, the Heng Yang of Hunan, Yue Yang... these hard the area of one one statistic, in the time that will be less than half an year up to now March this year, have the large-scale activity that enrol business to Fosan, among them, just hold large action business to recommend the Shanxi in relief coin of the meeting in Fosan, it is with municipal Party committee secretary, mayor heads a group personally more, lead straight office of more than 30 city, county (area) cadre of leader handling level goes to Fosan to enrol business, of its battle array powerful with luxurious, belong to place of in former years to had been had no. And come to Fosan enrol business 3 times the local government that above appoints person specially assigned for a task for a long time perhaps to work in Fosan, be more in afore-mentioned a few areas blame very.
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