Coating agency should be brave in to develop 23 class market

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Competition of current coating market is more and more intense, the day of agency is more and more uneasy also. The pet phrase that coating agency hangs in mouth edge often is: "Alas, this competition is more and more intense, profit is less and less, the business was done harder and harder. " compete to be in position of increasingly intense market race to control, each agency " eight saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess " .

Paint business resembles is the logistics department that supplies a weapon, agency resembles is the soldier that the hand obtains a weapon. Both each other closes suitably, ability obtains good combat gains. Otherwise, although the logistics department has again advanced weapon, if do not have " soldier " forwardly goes all out courageously kill, again good weapon also can turn one caboodle into scrap iron; Conversely, if the logistics department is offerred, is very poor weapon, "Soldier " although forwardly goes all out courageously again kill, also can cause tremendous casualties only. So, agency sends past each district as the enterprise " pioneer " , there are the hope of the enterprise and formidable task on the body, but at the same time, the enterprise should offer them the help of each respect, become their strong backup force, assist agency to develop local market.

Current, in the coating market of Hunan, one fraction agency makes a trade " old man " , grasp in the hand have a few home's famous brand, own very large market share, be in especially city of a gleam of, be like Changsha, individual plant continent; Agency of another part coating is managing the painting with a few 23 not famous perhaps lines, basically be in 2, 3 class city sends force, to have greater competition ability, they act as agent commonly a few brands, established closer relationship with painter. Sink to 23 class market as brand of a gleam of, all sorts of brands developed competition intense " a street battle " .

As the development of social progress and economy, the standard of living of people rises ceaselessly, consumptive structure produced very big change. When the material such as basic necessities of life consumptive demand gets be satisfactioned basically hind, people is behaved more and more outstandingly in the consumptive demand of mental respect. Consumer is when commodity of choose and buy, than paying attention to mentally more before, on affection contented, in these respects, the effect of the brand is mainer and mainer. At present domestic coating market has Hua Run, establish the numerous and well-known trademark such as state, Duoleshi, beautiful Tu Shi, as the agency of coating, must know the detailed information of the brand coating that oneself are about to act as agent in detail, wait to fixed position of pattern of its development mode, profit, product do probe, know the market deep, ability does the representative of good painting brand.

Do good form a complete set to serve, race to control 2 class market
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