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Latter, cement industry performs foreign capital ceaselessly and buy big play: The world's greatest cement produces commercial law country to pull law radical to buy Sichuan double horse; Dutch HOLCHINBV is passed buy B of Hua Xinshui mud become the biggest partner of Hua Xinshui mud; Italian cement group criterion 33 million dollar bought Guang Yu company of cement of the Fu Ping below group division the equity of 100% . A few days ago, explode again a cement of red lion of Gao Cheng share.

Deficit is offerred for foreign capital buy good chance

According to latest news, on August 30, american Gao Cheng group is formal with Zhejiang mud of the 2nd flood produces autograph of cement of enterprise red lion to make an appointment with, denounce endowment 80 million dollar (about 600 million RMB) hold red lion 25% share. The red lion group that established 2002 is one of civilian battalion companies with Chinese cement the biggest industry, cement is produced can list Zhejiang to save the 2nd, existing and new-style cement working a way is produced can 16.5 million tons, wholy-owned and control share company more than 10, total assets 3.6 billion yuan, for one of companies of 12 when national emphasis supports large cement.

It is reported, the manufacturer that quite can mass production sells 52.5 class cement inside countrywide limits is very few, save in Zhejiang also only " red lion " the special product line that has 52.5 cement.

Market personage is analysed, group of red lion of share of Gao Cheng group is containing strategic meaning. The new-style product line working a way of Zhejiang will be achieved by 2007 100% , yuan Chaoquan country the average level of 50% . But meanwhile Zhejiang cement line of business appears the appearance with a low price of a kind of qualitative actor however. Public data shows, zhejiang saves the cement crop 2006 to be close to 100 million tons, rank the whole nation the 3rd. But because produce can superfluous, deficit of sex of occurrence phase of entire industry in successive years.

Tall canal of limited company of group of a cement of local says, at present the company of civilian battalion cement of a lot of Zhejiang is in deficit phase, zhejiang is provincial at the same time the strength company with driving lack comes conformity saves cement resource originally, this was offerred to foreign capital buy good chance. 10 when announcement plan will buy Chinese building materials on August 1 civilian battalion have 9 to be located in Zhejiang in cement company.

Because produce can superfluous, pattern to disperse, zhejiang cement entire industry was immersed in deficit last year, ceng Fengguang is infinite " cement short for Zhejiang Province army " pull open from this recombine big screen. At the beginning of this year, italian cement group is contributive 33 million dollar, buy carry on to promote cement of Fu Ping of Shaanxi of subordinate of smooth world group all equity; In May, guang Yu leaves the division Zhejiang cement limited company again provincial equity transfers group of building materials of China of center look forward to. It is before a month, red lion cement is the same as a city brother -- , Zhejiang immediately cement also appears in arms of file leader of industry of Chinese building materials -- , in the list that Inc. of building materials of China of center look forward to plans to buy. Chinese building materials announces, sign intent book and framework agreement with company of cement of 10 civilian battalion, buy them all or least 50% equity, among them 8 cement plants that sign intent book produce per year ability to close in all 18 million tons, additional 2 clinker day that sign framework agreement produce ability to be 7500 tons.
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