Hardware fittings pulls wall of act of window of hind leg door to develop backwa

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Backward situation already put the hardware fittings of wall of door window act in old, like be like wholesome clean to provide, all know to lag behind even if be not solved, this is what problem after all, basically know inadequacy to the importance of fittings, expression is in:

(One) the adornment sex that should take hardware fittings seriously, hardware fittings is the one part of whole of wall of door window act, the beauty of the exterior is wall of door window act the one part of significant demand. Some people think hardware fittings can be used go, beautiful sex asks to differ, the crescent moon lock of common price petty gain is more, lock of fluctuation bolt window is more. To hardware demand of exterior adornment sex is very low, this is a factor that affects development.

(2) the hardware fittings that knows window of door of insufficient our country to using functional sex a few years changeless without new development, the market has what enterprise what to buy, main project uses the entrance hardware a replacement of high specified number for the most part, abroad has an enterprise technically to study all sorts of type hardware fittings, differ accordingly breed, the hardware fittings of different function emerges in endlessly, our lock locks up a dot for two commonly, abroad produces many bits of lock, cent is at 3 o'clock, at 4 o'clock, locked up at 6 o'clock, hardware fittings can improve door window function, can make slippery like the car the hardware fittings that hauls fold door, because have high-grade muti_function fittings ability has muti_function door window.

(3) know inadequacy to hardware fittings security 1999 Xiamen 15 class typhoon, on 10 thousand trees are blown, telegraph pole, tower crane is blown, wall of act of more than 20 glass and aluminous window were not blown to break down, many casement because hardware fittings is not firm and be blown to fall. Casement all sides has many bits of lock of plug, did not blow off. Because of the ignored to hardware fittings, reduced the firmness of wall of door window act and security, affect the quality of wall of door window act directly, bring hidden trouble to person safety, ought to take the security of hardware fittings seriously particularly so.

(4) the understanding of sex of hardware fittings benefit of wall of act of window of face each other is not worth fittings of hardware of wall of door window act everybody admits to lag behind, but why nobody goes developing, somebody thinks, hardware fittings gain is too small, undeserved investment, besides investment also makes bad hardware too less, because this comes for years,nobody has large investment, situation of abroad of hardware fittings support is outspread all the time also come down.

Hardware fittings, the profit of low class is not tall, but the gain of high quality scales is not small, we had studied, the 20%~30%(that profit of foreign hardware fittings holds foreign cost does not include to import duty) new-style profit of fittings of short line hardware is even high. A bit more important be forgetting China is a big country, a year of need generous of our country is breathtaking, so big market, be the same as horizontal hardware fittings with class, want than foreign cost many low, whole benefit is not not big, however very considerable. Equipment of a few hardware fittings plant that have some of name greatly relatively are old, not advanced, factory scope is little, management is poor, it is a town enterprise not less, did not break away from manual mill. Should build establishing plant of a hardware is to want large investment, whether close with foreign manufacturer do, joint-stock and collective the plant runs in home, factories of a few fittings of arms industry aviation, because output of employment of one's own profession crosses small be on short commons, can throw advanced and unused equipment high-grade hardware production ought to do not have a problem. Anyhow, want to change the appearance with backward fittings of door window hardware as soon as possible.
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