Pottery and porcelain manufactures a technology " Bible " be born next year

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The practical technology that domestic head ministry coachs pottery and porcelain produces building sanitation in the round " secret book " , will by Fosan ceramics elite of nearly 40 top technologies is made up together write. The reporter learns yesterday, monumental work of this 2 million word that publishs on next year, will decode a lot of know-how first.
The Fosan pottery and porcelain with long history develops today, not only already became the world's greatest pottery and porcelain to produce base, have decisive effect more in domestic ceramics. The academic base that produces practice as a result of directive pottery and porcelain however is serious lag, make domestic ceramics company integrated quality rises suffer severe refashion to make an appointment with, the abidance that this affected business of Chinese pottery and porcelain greatly develops and international competition ability.

"Track keeps on the road that technology of Chinese ceramics industry progresses, it is person of Fosan pottery and porcelain's common ideal, also be Fosan pottery and porcelain gifts our mission. " build wholesome pottery and porcelain to produce practical technology complete works " write, will be Fosan pottery and porcelain a contribution that makes to drive technology of Chinese ceramics industry to progress! " the Feng Bin of director of institute of Fosan city pottery and porcelain that leading organization complete works writes thinks, the successful experience of more Fosan enterprise promotion is standard of technical standard, operation, make integrated quality of the worker gets rising in the round, can develop Fosan pottery and porcelain more adequately to be in the leading sheep action of domestic ceramics.

Introduce according to industry public figure, before the reader that home ever had had skilled worker of pottery and porcelain, but content exists generally practical difference, without industry specific aim, lack innovation, more the phenomenon that borroweds each other, and these chrestomathy had been broken away from produce 10~15 at present year time. And be in Fosan city this division assist drive energetically with society of pottery and porcelain below, those who center elite of technology of tip of Fosan pottery and porcelain to write " build wholesome pottery and porcelain to produce practical technology complete works " , newer rate amounts to content 40 % above. Complete works will be dominant object with skilled worker, with improving mechanic quality, education senior skilled worker is a target, have practical technology to give priority to, theory is complementary, operate a gender to wait for a characteristic by force, and process and equipment technology content are be in harmony an organic whole, read easily, master.

Feng Bin discloses, whole book tot 2 million word of 180 ~ , share 7 fascicule, every fascicule makes an appointment with 25~30 10 thousand words. At present each fascicule " write executive outline " affirmatory already, what individual fascicule has entered formal content is write. Core author studies to come from pottery and porcelain of institute of Fosan pottery and porcelain, Xianyang designing institute, country builds wholesome pottery and porcelain to detect center, division amounts to the well-known company such as pottery and porcelain of Nuo of god of Electromechanical, Europe, Dongpeng pottery and porcelain and orgnaization, and the elite of nearly 40 top technologies that pursues job of science and technology for a long time in the industry, whole write a team to have nearly 100 people. In writing a process, except collect more as far as possible in recent years technology of industry of domestic and international ceramics progresses achievement, have many job inside all along " close cannot outside pass " the technology is decoded, a lot of economic prescriptions, method also sees first time at written.
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