Introduction of function of lacquer of metal of ability in swimming and construc

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Filling of sex of colophony of rare acid of third of ability in swimming of Qi You of lacquer of metal of ability in swimming, painty, function, special auxiliary, the composition such as amino colophony. This lacquer is it is main dissolvent with water, without exciting odour, do not burn, reduce environmental pollution, paint film brightness, plump, have good adherent power, be able to bear or endure await wait for an advantage. Acrylic Qi Kuo uses currents and other characteristics of a river at electric home appliancesConstruction uses a note:
1- can use dip besmear, spray, brush the methodological construction of besmear.
2- lacquer surface needs purify smeary, rubiginous mark sundry, can use besmear priming paint or dirt when necessary child.
3- besmear is installed should first lacquer agitate even, general situation need not stock of other of mix into add, be like on the high side of lacquer fluid viscosity, can join appropriately a few clear water (distilled water or go ionic water effect is better) , the quantity that add water is unfavorable more than 20% , should edge border agitate, make sure lacquer fluid is even.
℃ of 5-40 of 4- store temperature.
The day that this 5- product produces oneself has expiration period half an year, if exceed the expiration period, via detecting qualification hind still can continue to use.
When 6- construction forbidden mix with other coating and dissolvent, deteriorate in case.

Main show is its superior performance:

● shedding smooth sex is admirable, feel is smooth and exquisite
The aluminium with luxurious ● model board effect, glossiness is tall; Metallic simple sense, colour is flowery
● is fought exceedingly goodly profane, lubricious makings is smeary brush namely clean, fight ageing, function outstanding
● does not contain environmental protection of harmful material, ability in swimming, health
● does not contain environmental protection of harmful material, ability in swimming, health

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