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In " forum of height of window of door of first China woodiness " on the reporter reported this net to door door the speech of Wu Chenxi of great exploit president " everything is core product with culture must the brand turns operation " speech.
Also reported Xie Kelin of director of institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division at the same time about " strategy of door window brand wants do according to one's abilities to must not follow suit blindly " viewpoint.
What is should doing key of good brand strategy to nod so? We have favour to encounter a key to nod strategy of senior brand of public relations company to engineer Li Cang sea, in the talk that follows Mr Li we understand: Media transmission holds chief position in brand strategy, clench public relations travels " union is nodded " , " strong point " , " window " , " boiling point " and " protection is nodded " wait for 5 " crucial point " the key that is media transmission strategy, place of these 5 union nods company interior to be called in the key public relations transmits 5 B principle, by crucial point president Mr You Changqiao founds this principle.
According to 5 B principle, be united in wedlock " case of sale of preterhuman razor incident " the media brand public relations that Mr Li discussed wooden door enterprise to may undertake for us with us.
One. Bindingpoint: Is Min?
Public relations transmission is those who be a brand is long-term those who make a service, whether does public relations transmission go in right way, the most essential be decided by denies the individual character that accords with a brand then, and public relations transmission is reached whether effectively strong, depend on the core connotation that digs disinter brand, find nod with the firmest union between the brand. Meet otherwise act in a way that defeats one's purpose, the target that short of transmits, build the harm of didymous brand. At present wooden door brand of home is in all the time 2, 3 lines position, target market great majority is located in surely in low end. This kind of circumstance and at that time " preterhuman " the fixed position of razor is very similar. Want to achieve the strategic goal that enters market of a gleam of, with confront the tough with toughness of tycoon of flying benefit riverside, loose coarse international, apparent meeting is head broken and bleeding, can you succeed so the La Hai with ground new open up? The project group of Mr Li passes the investigation discovery of careful, in life the first time use brand often can affect what be born firstly to buy deed, because of this open up a such brand-new fractionize markets, wait for this fractionize market to do big hind, to market share contribution nots allow to underestimate. Compare door course of study to also can consult such union nods fractionize market principle to it, lay between a competitor to be sought for the brand at the same time " break out of an encirclement " .
2. Backstop: С Nuo
Making a brand is not to build a castle in the air, doing public relations to travel also is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. All measure that travels to must have fall to the ground gives prop up. After the fixed position that made clear the market, need the product that covers suitably to it, appropriate the price of this fractionize market, design and quality. Combine the history of original brand and current situation, use advocate substandard goods card is the most effective brand undoubtedly name strategy. No less than: Crucial point is in for " preterhuman razor " strategy of substandard goods card was used when making promotion, use " advocate the brand is adorned " plan is promotion of substandard goods card to make the finishing point, final " preterhuman U " become new new mankind the one large window of market of this one fractionize.
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