Service life of control valve of pottery and porcelain lengthens a method

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Control valve of pottery and porcelain often is used in the condition with abominable operating mode , installation is on heavy craft conduit, working requirement is extremely complex, once appear problem, because its are cumbersome, the problem searchs hard accurate, often let a person be at a loss what to do, still involve a system to join carry, system complete, adjust the problem such as pollution of character, environment, because of control valve of this reasonable use pottery and porcelain, utmost undertakes care and maintenance to its, prolong its service life, it is the first issue of control valve of use pottery and porcelain.
Offerred below5Kind the method that control valve of pottery and porcelain prolongs life.
, clean conduit to prolong life
The broken bits with caky size of the solder broken bits in pipeline, ferruginous, lime child, iron wire, list cause in reduce expenditure mouth, oriented place jam or get stuck dead to make disintegrate of core of a powerful person, carry initial stage is cast after often happening at casting transport system and overhaul newly. This is the commonnest breakdown. Meet this condition, must discharge leaves undertake cleaning, get rid of broken bits content, if sealing surface is returned by injury,answer abrade; the ground at the same time a place of strategic importance is opened, drop broken bits matter in order to rush, undertake rinsing to pipeline. Before joining movement, let control valve a standard-sized sheet, after letting medium flow for some time, bring into again move normally.
, increase degree of job to prolong life
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