Below caustic medium operating mode, how to choose chemical valve

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In the valve below caustic medium operating mode, anticorrosion is the place with chemical the most crucial equipment, if cannot choose the metallic stuff of chemical valve correctly, have a bit inadvertent, light an attaint equipment, cause an accident to cause disaster even again. According to concerning statistic, the destruction of chemical equipment has about60%Cause, because this is in,chemical industry should notice the scientific sex of select material above all when equipment type selecting. Have a kind of error normally, think stainless steel isThink stainless steel isAll-purpose materialAll-purpose material, no matter what medium and ambient conditions hold a stainless steel in both hands, this is incorrect, also be very dangerous. In the light of a few commonly used chemical industry medium talks about the point of select material below:

1.Vitriolic medium serves as strong corrode one of medium, vitriolic it is the essential industry raw material with very extensive use. Of different chroma and temperature vitriolic to material corrode a difference bigger, be in to chroma80%Above, temperature is less than80thick vitriolic, carbolic steel and cast-iron it is better to have be able to bear or endure corrode sex, but what it does not suit high speed to flow is vitriolic, not applicable the material of a powerful person that make pump; Common stainless steel if304(0Cr18Ni9) , 316(0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) to vitriolic medium also use is limited. Because this carries vitriolic pump valve to use Gao Gui normally cast-iron (cast reach treatment difficulty is great) , tall alloy stainless steel (
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