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Air conditioning adds fluorine, move Electromechanical word 5181 1035

Air conditioning should add fluorine, affirmative not refrigeration; air conditioning not refrigeration, not be to be short of fluorine. An air conditioning that installs qualification 3, fluorine need not be added inside 5 years. Conversely, a few months more meet a few days even light leak. What the cant inside course of study says is good: Produce 3 minutes, install 7 minutes. How whether do oneself judge the air conditioning of oneself to be short of fluorine really? Have a few kinds of simple and easy methods to be able to help everybody be judged.
Try: Air conditioning open after half hour, whether can reach set temperature, whether does moving lamp shine a little while to destroy a little while, otherwise, have the appearance that be short of fluorine therefore.
2 measure: Measure the difference in temperature of a place with a draught of indoor machine pass in and out with the thermometer, poor value is in 10 degrees of above, it is normal to calculate. Difference in temperature is too small are short of fluorine.
3 look: After switching on the mobile phone 15 minutes, open indoor machine face plate, should see condenser water is covered equably on evaporator, if do not have or frost, frozen abnormal. Either be short of fluorine is compressor did not work.
4 feel: After switching on the mobile phone 15 minutes, two valve of the machine outside feeling, due very big difference in temperature. Canaliculus frost specification is short of fluorine, thick canal frost is a system current not free.
5 examine: With pressure the watch measures pressure of movement of examination air conditioning, still can look carefully at indoor machine connect and valve of the machine outdoor to whether have fat appearance, if have apparent fat appearance,make clear have leak. Because of dissolve of oily fluorine each other, leakage fluorine leaks surely oily, leakage oil leaks surely fluorine!
Additional: After air conditioning adds fluorine for some time, have occurrence effect bad. Leakage site must be examined before need adds fluorine again, solve thoroughly. Otherwise money goes boundless. Be economical also is equal to make money, learn one action to tell to still can sell an individual feeling with be an official. Ha! Ha! What is there against it! ! !
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