Interpretation of the personality of ceramic sanitary ware industry marketing

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Recently, on the sanitary industry, technology advances and life, people buy the product is improved, the purchase of sanitary products is also critical, but consumers are also notable with bathroom bathroom business service work. In the past, bought a detached single-family home appliances to the mall to buy, and buy a separate one by one, and now, marketing and more, consumers with benefits to pedestrians, will be set with a few household appliances to buy, and select holidays or benefits at purchase, and some even participate in the buy online purchase, which are reflected in the service of modern marketing, so that consumers get the best deals, the most satisfactory products and professional services.

After years of development of ceramic industry, tiles hall from the past a single and simple changes in buying habits is kind to the present real buying habits show and experiential, merchants are all means to improve sales and service. With the increased awareness of consumer spending, the decoration style of design effects and have higher requirements, they are pursuing their own personality, specifically looking for the decoration design and construction company. However, many consumers are doing is not authentic decoration company, charges high, especially in a large rebate materials so that the owners are skeptical. Smart owners understand the market and even to the market, some consumers directly to the design and decoration company is only responsible for construction, materials designated by the owner or to the market to buy their own form of this phenomenon has become common.

In order to achieve the wishes of consumers, many businesses began to ceramic innovation, whether in or on the display of products or services are necessary to improve, to enhance the retail share. To the present, the ceramic has been greatly improved marketing, business efforts in terms of design and display, thoughtful attention to detail in the services, so consumers''distinguished''services. They are learning to sell themselves, begin to understand what consumers want, began to study consumption habits and consumer mentality, begin to solve problems for consumers, they also site service, understand the situation and maintenance guidance. I understand that the conversation with consumers:''Now this is reproduced in the China Ceramic much better network service, and had just wanted to come take a look at products, but was impressed by shopping guide services, the truth, sometimes not only the successful transactions, and also hand in Several ceramic industry friends do''. They also said:''Sometimes you buy products is to buy services, feel good to buy the product in fact requirement is not so high, the key is to buy time to get each other's enthusiasm and respect, care and use of the time was a problem can quickly resolve to meet''. Through the minds of consumers, we should think, more of a concern for more than a love, a professional services have real returns. Ceramic sale in the past is no longer the cold store shopping, it should be rich ceramic culture, there is real application results show, a professional guide for shopping and sincere attitude, so as to enable the healthy development of ceramic industry.

Visits to major ceramic market and found a large bathroom brands more emphasis on service, courtesy, standing on the perspective of the guests to solve the real decoration troubles, but most of the smaller brands to reach this effect, the product quality, and display applications not so satisfactory, the service attitude can not keep up, the ratio to affect the turnover effects. Highly competitive nature of the ceramic as marketing, management and marketing in more effort, product quality assurance, service quality to enhance the market competition is a good advantage. Focus only on product quality rather than on services, or focus on service quality and can not keep up, these will hinder the healthy development of enterprises, only the good quality, brand image established, marketing services to keep pace with the help of the business. Service Marketing nowadays is the most popular buy, it is a fun, shopping, eat, swim, play as one of the buy activity, which reflects the consumption patterns of innovation and consumer habits. Currently, many enterprises are implementing, good results, suggested the way companies operate more cost-effective multi-point innovation is the final winner, sanitary ware quality is critical, however, sanitary services, power companies should also be attention for the job Development can be gravity sanitary ware market improved.

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