Xiajin County Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out a solid building mat

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To further standardize the market order building materials, Xiajin County Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the building materials market in the county to carry out special rectification action. One is to establish linkage mechanism. Authority to strengthen quality supervision, public security, urban construction coordination, establishment of a joint law enforcement, communications and other mechanisms, the formation of law enforcement efforts. Territorial responsibility while strengthening the leadership, business responsibility of the grid area, to take regular inspection, joint inspection, special inspection, etc., pay close attention to supervision and inspection, and increase efforts to deal with the case. Second, highlight the improvement focus. The Bureau is mainly for steel, cement, floor tiles, coatings, paints and other building materials, decoration materials to carry out special inspection of law enforcement, building materials wholesale, large retail shopping malls, stores, shops and focus on improvement target, severely crack down on unlicensed management, sales of counterfeit, fake building materials and decoration materials offenses. The third is to strengthen consumer rights. 12315 consumer complaints and reports, give full play to the role of the network, the daily administration, and settlement rights complaints, investigating and handling cases of combining and expanding advocacy services, timely receipt and processing of complaints about the quality of building materials and reports. Up to now, the council building materials market 5 inventory, investigation and sale of "three no" building materials industry, households 19, 130 bags of cement failure investigation marked, and properly handle consumer disputes in 3 cases.

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