2010 e-commerce transactions or home building materials in China reached 22.85 b

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From the China Building Decoration Association data show that during the Eleventh Five rapid development of the domestic home improvement building material industry, the annual average growth rate of about 12%. GDP in 2008 to 15,000 domestic architectural billion yuan, including home improvement Market accounted for 40% of 6000 billion. Moreover, according to National Bureau of Statistics, 2009 China's real estate transaction area is 9.37 million square meters, according to industry experience if the estimated 800 yuan / square meters of renovation costs Chinese home decoration market size of about 7,000 billion. In 2010, the size of the Chinese home improvement market will be further expanded. China Building Decoration Association, 2010 is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan output value of architectural decoration, home improvement stock will reach 800 billion yuan. Number from the National Bureau of Statistics It shows that 1-9 months of 2010, China's real estate sales is 6.32 million square meters, coupled with the re-decoration of the stock of housing area, taking into account inflation, cost of materials and decoration materials prices and other factors, if According to 1000 yuan / square meters of renovation costs, estimated the year 2010 China's market size of home decoration more than a billion in 8000. However, for such a huge market for home improvement, home building market share of e-commerce has been more limited. IResearch main home, according to 2009 sales of building materials e-commerce site size and market share Comparison of the amount, as well as interviews with some industry people that, in 2009 China sales of home building materials e-commerce site is about 17.67 billion yuan, accounting for 2.5% of home building materials industry; the year 2010 is expected to reach 22.85 billion, accounting for about 2.9% of home building materials industry. The future of home building materials increased online shopping market is huge. At present, the number of household type hundreds of e-commerce site, can be divided into four types: first, vertical trading platform for home building materials, such as regulating the family net, fence net, nine are building networks, etc.; Second Platform options Material sites, such as Taobao, clap nets; third is the traditional home building materials, home building materials branded channels and online store, such as B & Q, Orient Home, Love Long and sanitary ware; Fourth, the real estate portal and portal sites such as integrated Channel building materials, such as the search room, focus, Sina. In the above four types of e-commerce site, home building materials vertical trading platform market share the largest and fastest growing in 2009, accounting for 56% in 2010 is expected to rise to about 60%; followed by Platform shopping site, about 26% in 2009, forecast a decline in 2010 accounted for 22%; and home building materials, online store in 2009 accounted for about 16%, a slight increase expected in 2010, as 17%.

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