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Now home decoration, more and more people are aware of the importance of the tap, especially in the kitchen renovation on tap both have very high requirements. Variety variety of design styles That many brands of faucets are designed with different styles of products, consumers can purchase preferences and style of kitchen to choose. Common tap the surface of Ti-coated gold, chrome, paint, porcelain and other types of chrome-plated stainless steel is most common. Leading people of color have also been the favorite, red, yellow, black, blue, etc., can in the bathroom and kitchen appliances, the color match with the other, played the role of embellishment. Quality and variety of choice Faucet spool like the human heart, especially when you choose to see the quality of the spool. Tap valve on the common market, there are three: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic valve core and the axis of roll-type spool. This is a common feature of the three spool is holistic, the whole shaft as one, easy installation and maintenance, replacement, in which ceramic valve core has the advantage of low prices, less pollution, water quality, but the ceramic texture, crisp and easy to break ; axis roll spool rotation handle the advantages of smooth, easy operation is simple, resistant to aging and wear and tear; and stainless steel ball with high technology content, some high-end bathroom products are used as the tap of its latest product of the spool, you can accurately control the temperature, to ensure rapid and accurate flow of hot water, not only saving water and energy conservation. Function with the law When the tap in the purchase, but also consider the sanitary ware with its problems. The most important is the model to match, otherwise it will cause trouble to install, even if reluctantly put something out, it will inevitably trickle down; followed by the styles and colors to match, if you have to cool the main bathroom, you can choose silver leading; If the warm-based, then use the gold, and if the style of the bathroom the whole complex can be used milky. In fact, the development of technology, style and then changing the tap, it also has a matching rule: a good glass table basin taps partner is the kind of straight, curved coupled with the kitchen sink faucet, basin coupled with general audience The short handle faucet, ceramic pots on stage accompanied by two curved beak handle faucet. Glass table basin faucet shanks beautiful shape, but not very practical, because it's the center of the basin water point is not that people in the water touches the basin when washing towels, the edge, but coupled with the leading two-hand bend and does not look good, because hands encounter the glass, looked safe, so if you're not a very trendy person, or use ceramic basin, will be easier to find matching taps. Concern taps In addition to comfortable, beautiful and the decorative elements, the water or not, has become a very important selection criteria of consumers. People had concerns of a water faucet. Usually a normal compared to the tap and a water faucet, the water is very different. Leading an ordinary traffic have more than 0.20 l / s, that is, the amount of water per minute at 12 kg; water faucet flow rate was 0.046 L / s, that is, the amount of water per minute, only 2.76 kg. Current water-saving taps on the market, you can open and close hundreds of thousands of times does not leak a drop of water, compared with the old faucet can be saving 30-50%. Ceramic chip, pitch-type, self-closing taps and other new high-tech, closed tight, sensitive sensors, the closing speed is only one-tenth of the old faucet, water-saving effect is remarkable, but the latest has a new water-saving faucet designed to adjust itself or removed within the installed water-saving devices in faucets, free water-saving rate of change of control, thus strengthening the water-saving effect. Bathroom wash basin design should pay attention to the four elements Washbasin is an essential part of the bathroom is the most frequently used sanitary ware. Wash face, brush teeth, wash your hands and some regular wash should use it, the bathroom should be renovated and practical, beautiful, the handling of the wash basin is critical. Space determines the form. Washbasin roughly divided into two independent and desktop. Independent beautiful shape, small size and ease of maintenance, not much room for the toilet. But it needs or toilet frame with mirror box in order to use the space above the pool display some toiletries and cosmetics. Desktop wash basins occupy at least a small desk space. It's on the table can hold toiletries, following cabinets can put debris. If the bathroom area is small, consider installing a triangle in the corner sink, be hung on the pond debris of a triangular frame, to store cleaning supplies. Note that height. Whether stand-alone desktop or sink, the pool deck or table height of 80-85 cm should be, because the pond is too short will make people back pain. Note finish. Washbasins the pool table to be slightly higher, but at the table must be smooth phase, aimed to wipe the water splashed on the table when you go back to the pool without hindrance, while easy to clean the table. Table itself must be chosen smooth surface material, edge and corners must be smooth, so bump. Washbasins finish itself is also very important, finish high in the water pool surface debris easy attachment to the surface, relatively speaking, the number of times to reduce the need for scrubbing. Depth and taps. As a rule, sink installed in the top of the depth and strength of the tap water is proportional to the depth of the pond to install water and strong leader. Do not be installed in the bottom of the shallow pool of coarse taps, which might be splashed in the water when the body. The bottom of the pond have enough arc, not too flat, otherwise the water will accumulates in the inside. Feel the elegance of the Art Deco bathroom Modern living room bathroom an integral part. Each family member has very important to spend some time here, maybe we in the wash, brush teeth, shower, no time to watch here is decorated and furnished, but can feel the environment is elegant. Works of art or craft products placed in the bath room, it seems a bit beneath elegant. In reality, however, ruled out the bathroom as long as the more humid it possible for the damage crafts, bath room can introduce high art. There was an American professor in his bathroom, the frame fitted with a small 19th-century copper paintings, hanging in them, do not have some artistic taste. With glass ornaments, ceramics, bamboo wood decorated bathroom, with modern design bathroom renovation will be very co-ordination is needed is carefully selected, well-furnished. Mirror in the bathroom the better, will have better horizontal than vertical, if not otherwise sink, bathroom countertops as much as possible to expand more, so that both the dresser table function can also be left for placing small ornaments space. Bathroom decor, clean and tidy needs to be considered on the basis of. Study can be a little chaotic, the bedroom can be a little chaotic, but only the bathroom must be clean, neat, and can be decorated. Decorative devices bathrooms decorated in order not to undermine the sense of order as the limits of space. The decorative bathroom color scheme, there will always be white or other bright colors, and ultimately, the materials used ceramic tile, natural stone, stainless steel easy to clean the materials, which itself is a beauty.

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