Xu l have high trade: from "healthy home" starting across the building materi

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】 【Found room home network: the development of domestic industries in China for 30 years, during which consumer behavior is also changing, from the initial live up to the pursuit of enjoyment of life, the demand for homes is upgraded from single to multiple, personality, Taste and enjoyment of people of color is more prominent, it was the era of this period is defined as the way of life. Then you consider that consumer behavior, a distinctive feature of what? Xu l 【】: the rapid development of the domestic economy, people more and more attention to environmental protection, carbon and other health concepts. This is certainly the consumer trends. As for individual choice above, the main force now pay more attention to consumer brands. In the building materials industry, the past situation of mixed fish heads gradually improved, excellent brand more prominent. Consumer choice more secure. 【Network】 found room home: behavioral changes for the consumer and lifestyle era, how do you think home business contingency? How is your business doing? Xu l 【】: home business is also different from the past, only the pursuit of the interests of long-term price war. Now we should be more focus on quality and brand. Have high set up ten years, we always uphold the integrity of management, in recent years, have gradually expanded into a high "health home." Has not only limited to the building materials industry. Home Network】 【found room: 2010 will soon be over, please summarize the Chinese domestic market in 2010 as a whole. L】 【Xu: 2010, I think it is leap year for home industry. Why use the word "leap forward" it? We all know the face of the economic crisis in 2008, 2009, the industry faced difficulties. 2010 is to give us a new starting line, brand new sprint opportunities. The industry is dynamic, demand ratio improved significantly. Shuffle in the past two years, to extract a lot of quality, making the industry to leap forward. L】 【Xu: The theme found room very good, the domestic refining industry, the big home trends. The body of everyone in the industry, can understand the "big home," this trend. The real hope that the meeting for the domestic "big home" concept to develop new ideas. 【Network】 found room home: Finally you will be sent to our wishes in words! Xu l 【】: Soufun good momentum of development in recent years, a higher level in the search room where Remote Blessing! Great home ready to develop more brilliant.

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