For building materials, electrical and effective flame retardant in the fire

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"11.15" disastrous fire, make people aware of the building materials, paints and other items of how important fire retardant. Yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Donghua University, School of Materials Science Pengzhi Han school teachers group on the "environmental protection and efficient flame-retardant polyolefin masterbatch" is about to enter the industrial stage. According to reports, this flame retardant can be added to building materials, decoration materials, household appliances, plastic, in the event of fire, they do not contribute to the spread of fire, nor smoke toxic black smoke. Pengzhi Han said that environmental protection and efficient flame retardant polyolefin masterbatch he led the research group, formed by the three-year research and development of new flame-retardant materials, has two patents. Then, after adding this material what effect? Dr Pang made a demonstration experiment for journalists: two seemingly identical house building materials, including a flame retardant masterbatch added, they are flame broiled, no piece of flame-retardant masterbatch quickly burned a big hole, and release a lot of smoke; and this material was added to the burned building where the fire did not spread, nor emit toxic gases. "The new parent compound flame retardant containing phosphorus, nitrogen, and nano-powder and other materials, the use of their synergy principle, can improve the flame-retardant flame-retardant system." Pengzhi Han said that compared with the traditional flame-retardant materials ratio, environmental protection and efficient flame-retardant polyolefin fire-retardant masterbatch, high efficiency, add a small proportion, not precipitation, and used in the production process does not produce secondary pollution. If it is added to the polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials, can make them difficult to burn in the fire, to give people more escape time and space. Moreover, the addition of a small proportion of the application of this material will not substantially increase the cost of various products. Recently, Peng Zhihan research group is working with Shanghai, started brewing business cooperation projects, a new flame retardant masterbatch prepared to gradually extend the application to construction and household appliances such as the manufacture of parts, is expected to add one daily life, "Fire Insurance . "

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