3 water districts of Fosan city 5 ceramics industry is about to shut to pollute

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3 water come on stage " 915 " main contaminant discharges gross to dominate a plan
To improve environmental quality, push structural adjustment of 3 water economy and economic growth way essential sex change, 3 water districts of Fosan city will come on stage on July 4 " 915 " main contaminant discharges gross to dominate a plan, to 2010 end 2 oxidation sulfur year discharge capacity cuts down 13000 tons the following, COD discharges gross control to be in 4500 tons the following. For this, the 4 cement plant such as plant of cement of Ou Tianqing of the before 3 water end this year October will be shut, 5 ceramics industry and limited company of 6 printing and dyeing will be closed before annual bottom now.
2010 SO2 year discharge capacity is cut down 42%

According to this plan, arrive " 915 " period end, namely 2010 end, air of 3 water district is main contaminant 2 oxidation sulfur year discharge capacity should cut down 13000 tons from 22370.94 tons the following, want put apart 5749 tons add 2 oxidation sulfur newly to discharge a space, 2 oxidation sulfur cuts down original contaminant the quantity must be more than 15120 tons.

The investment inside year uses 4 sewage treatment plant

"915 " during, have what pollute discharge capacity of source enterprise COD mainly to cut down a space finite, and the sewage that regards the biggest pollution as the source, to the population 2010 by 3 water district 650 thousand person is calculated, the generation capacity of COD will achieve 6643 tons, exceed city allocation to give 3 water the gross of the area greatly, because of the construction no time to delay of this sewage treatment plant.

It is reported, by 2008 before, must build post hillock sewage treatment plant 2 period project, increase processing capacity newly 50 thousand tons / day. Directly the sewage treatment plant that town of area of economy of buccal overseas Chinese, big pool, Lu Bao town, Le Ping presses down must be in the investment before the end of the year is used this year. Accelerate collect at the same time corrupt the construction that manages a network, enlarge sewage treatment plant to serve limits, produce the beneficial result of sewage treatment plant. The sewage of the city zone of town, center (include industrial sewage) should center sewage treatment plant, must not emit into a river to emerge directly, pollute source of water.

5 ceramics company is closed before the end of the year

In the meantime, prevent and cure integratedly to advance air pollution, the beard before next year bottom closes limited company of constant beneficial power plant 2 × dynamo of 50 thousand kilowatt and bayou power plant. Ceramics industry is the industry with a more serious pollution, by this year before, finish fuel of company of whole area pottery and porcelain, mosaic to transform, desulphurization works, be fuel to using heavy oil, must convert the low fuel containing sulfur such as oar of coal of natural gas, petroleum gas, derv, water, at the same time form a complete set builds desulphurization establishment, ensure rate of purify of 2 oxidation sulfur reachs ceramics industry 75% ; Shut 3 water districts of Fosan city 3 water Rome benefit of limited company of 3 sources ceramics, Fosan city 3 water of town of limited company of ceramics of 3 water dragonfly, Fosan auspicious 3 water dimension of city of suitable ceramics limited company, Fosan Na Ertao.
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