Anacreontic hurried adds policy exit of overseas business home appliance is fixe

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"Current wide hand in meeting, home appliance product still can rise in price, main reason is the RMB appreciates brings cost pressure. " on the Fair of import and export merchandise of the 101st Guangzhou that will hold on April 15, ground of all with one voice of magnate of each everybody cable expresses to the reporter.
Nevertheless, with autumn of previous term or session hands in meeting photograph to compare, get tired of before answer an European Union the enterprise of domestic home appliance that two green dictate still loosened at a heat. Because wait for the data that authoritative branch feedbacks to look from custom, began in January from this year, the export business of enterprise of our country home appliance tends stable, appear piece new momentum of round of growth.

Home appliance is exported to high-end transition

Regard exit as large family, chun Lan attended all previous wide hand in meeting. Bin of general manager Feng of company of Chun Lan imports and exports tells a reporter, the price of export of home appliance product this year is remained " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , this is hasten of general trends place, go up a meeting ground the different situation of every enterprise differs somewhat.

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