New-style environmental protection is energy-saving building materials project i

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A few days ago, the produces per year 300 thousand stere new-style environmental protection that introduces by developing zone of white city economy is energy-saving area of garden of industry of white city of settle of building materials project.

This project is by machinery of free of Tianjin city weather trade limited company is in what Bai Cheng registers, investment of limited company of carefree and new-style housing materials builds white city, the project always invests 21.6 million yuan, application uses the land 20 thousand square metre, floor area 10 thousand square metre. The project is cast formally postpartum, produce per year concrete 250 thousand stere, produce per year new-style environmental protection energy-saving concrete plank 50 thousand stere, year can realize production value 75 million yuan, taxes 5.45 million yuan. Current, this project already dealt with garden formalities.

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